Delete a character

How can I delete a character?

Log into the game then Log Out ( not Quit ) to the characters screen.
Hover your mouse over at the top of the character card, you will see × and +

Click on ×.

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And after doing the above, it takes 10 hours before you can confirm biomass in case you change your mind


Too bad you will not hear the notorious sound effect.

However the OP of that thread contains a video of how it was back in the days so you can still experience it if so desire. :wink:


I only deleted a character once. I had to do it twice. The whole X / Plus Sign is ok for delete / keep. Then 10 hours on verification is uses the same for a Yes / No answer. Many people will end up cancelling the process, as I did, and wait 10 more hours.

To the person who is in charge of this UI, you really need to take a annex course on UI development.