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Hi, returning player here. I missed all the changes with the Forsaken Fortress update and was one of those players that got the opportunity to donate all my assets while I was taking a break from the game.

I see I am unable to delete my account and am hoping you add this feature in the future. Just knowing my character exist with everything gone feels worse than just deleting it entirely.

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*hands @Seviron_Aldari a tissue*

You can biomass the character yourself and you can submit a ticket for account deletion.

Then biomass it. First, strip the SP, liquidate the remaining assets and put it all as PLEX in the PLEX vault. Then have a funeral and biomass your poor character. Then walk away.

However, when you get the itch to play again, you can start over and have a big leg up. Make a new character in that empty slot, and you will have access to some wealth you can quickly deploy for your new adventure.

Or not, and never come back. But it won’t hurt to have an account loaded with some PLEX waiting for you if you ever do want to return.

Fly safe!

What I don’t get is in a game where you can’t “grind” your levels back, why would you ever want to start over? I’d never biomass or delete my characters, on the off chance I’d want to play again.

he’s one of the unfortunate souls who lost assets in a structure that was destroyed since CCP wouldn’t do asset safety… so now he feels like everything is lost.

Sometimes a game developer does something that leaves such a bitter taste in your mouth, it isn’t worth trying to start over.

OP: you can convert everything you have left (isk and SP) to PLEX and save it for the next PLEX for Good campaign - then you can at least get CCP to donate real money to a charity on your behalf.

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Yea I misread the OP. I was thinking it was someone actually coming back to the game and wanting to start over.

Still, regardless of that situation, I’d still rather have my character on the off chance i have a change of heart down the road and want to play again. To each their own.

Yeah, that sucks dude. I’m not sure CCP should have done Forsaken Fortress, and even if they should have, they should have given a much longer heads up.

Anyway, before you decide to biomass or delete your account, let me say this: the single most valuable asset (by far) in Eve online is player knowledge. And Skill Points are a distant second. Yeah, you lost your stuff, but unless you lost hundreds of billions, or trillions of isk worth of stuff, it’s really not that big of a deal. Hell, even if you did lose hundreds of billions, it still not the end of the world. You still have your player knowledge, and you still have your characters.

Let me put it this way. If I lost all my assets and had to start with 5,000 isk and a rookie ship, I bet it would only take me all of 2 weeks for me to get my net worth back up to what I had after my first 18 months of playing.

Anyway, I know deleting your character will give you some closure. So, if that’s what you need to do, then that’s what you should do. However, if there’s the chance that you might ever want to play Eve again, you should reconsider throwing away all your SP.

Why not just sell the character to someone or give it away?? I mean sell the char for a cheap price to a friend.Idk is it against the rules??

Giving the account away is, selling the char is not.

@Seviron_Aldari - Just keep your character. Yeah, it sucks you lost your stuff, but don’t act hastily out of anger.

Keep your character.


Assets are nice to have, but because of the nature of EVE we lose and gain assets all the time. It’s not like I have a ship in my hangar that I worked weeks or months for to obtain, and even if I did I could lose it in an instant, so I need to be prepared to replace it. As a result, if all my ships and items were lost today, I would be forced to fly cheaper ships for a while, but it wouldn’t be hard to replace it all in some weeks.

My valuables in EVE are my characters (SP) and game knowledge. Assets are replacable (and replaced all the time).

I’m sorry to hear you lost your assets and I can imagine how I would feel to come back to the game when all my assets are gone, especially as my game knowledge on how to replace the assets would be dusty. I would recommend to dust off that game knowledge. Welcome back to EVE! :wink:

Some things are functionally irreplaceable- such as T2 BPOs, and items that have taken literal years to develop (like maxed out BPOs for capital ships). Losing things that were significant effort sinks in time and money because the devs decided to change a core mechanic, not because of any specific action you took, can be emotionally exhausting, and leave the previously mentioned bitter taste.

When your trust in the devs has been broken, why would you feel like re-investing in all of that development again?

It’s fair for some players to feel this way. Please do not belittle their perfectly normal and valid reactions to their losses.

While all true, If I were the head of my own little baby corp, and I was taking an extended break. I wouldn’t leave my valuables in my HS un-fueled Citadels. One thing that is a given over the years is that CCP changes things all the time.

Speaking of which, when a citadel goes down does it show what items drop?

Name another time they made untouchable safe loot suddenly vulnerable.
I can’t. It is possible though I’m overlooking something.
But this change was on a totally different scale to ship balance, or even adding storms into space.

I’m in no way defending this change. I too believe it was poorly handled. There should have been a much longer window of warning. An email campaign should have been done multiple times to inform anyone with citadels of the change (so hopefully even inactive players would see a warning).

But it still doesn’t change the fact that knowing how CCP changes things up, and they have tweaked citadels multiple times, I wouldn’t leave anything in one if I was going on an extended break. Honestly if I had them in HS I’d have taken them down and stored them in the NPC station in system until I came back. Even if asset safety hadn’t changed, they are more vulnerable in low power states and they aren’t cheap.

Sure. But that was known when they were implemented that someone could blow them up. And therefore was an informed decision.
Asset safety change however was on a magnitude of difference we have never seen before and therefore couldn’t have been predicted.
As for putting stuff in NPC stations, why? How do you know they won’t get their invuln removed and your assets drop from them now. CCP have created a situation where you can’t have faith that anything is safe if you take a break.

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