Ganking and PVP: Numbers in perspective

princess Aiko… gank me right… at least ooooonce!!!

Why am I feeling jealous right about now!

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You don’t care about any opinion than your own and you only care about data that supports your views.

My killboard is mostly attacking gankers just before or during a gank.

Noone here is claiming to be an expert. You’re the only one here throwing around accusations and claims and criticising everyone else’s killboards when you have been on 4 ship kills. Just 4.

What evidence is there that gankers aren’t doing the same? Gankers have many disposable alts. Most of the people being accused here aren’t that new either.

It seems to me it’s the opposite way around. Gankers use the “everyone’s a sock puppet” angle to try to manipulate the perception of a low level of support.

Either way I don’t think it matters to CCP though. Their actions will be based on their own interpretations of their own data.


EVE Online taught me one damn thing… not to be manipulated… by anyone… by anything…

I’m not seeing anyone pushing pro-ganking narratives on hidden-profile forum accounts with non-existent (or nearly so) forum/in-game histories, while making claims about how much of a long-time/skilled/experienced/etc. player they are and/or about how they’ve done this or that or whatever.

Feel free to bring up examples of any such posters you know.


There’s at least one ganker here posting on a biomassed character. But I’m sure gankers have many alts with ganks on their killboard, just like there are plenty of genuine players with very little on their killboards.

You’re free to believe what you want. If you feel better by pretending there’s some conspiracy to create an anti-ganking narrative, more power to you.

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Data is data. The data supports what the data shows.

Huh ? Which of the zero records that you had in the three years up until today was that ? You can’t just make up or invent stuff you were doing.

4 ship kills…78 station kills…200bn ISK worth of stuff destroyed, all in 9 months. Beats nothing in 3 years. And again, the issue is not who has the ‘best’ killboard…which you try to divert off onto…but that most of you anti gank lot have NO killboard for several years. Which implies exactly what Destiny argued above.

You take us all for fools…but anyone can see how the periods when your killboard has been active lines up so well with that of a certain member who is not active here lately.

This has no bearing on the discussion. We’re talking about people who have posted and are posting on the forums, and not people who hypothetically could post. And there’s a very clear delineation that exists between the two posting demographics; one that consistently uses characters with proven in-game and forum histories to argue for a pro-nonconsensual-PvP narrative, and the other that consistently uses fresh, hidden-profile alts with no in-game and forum histories (but many claims of those histories existing, with an insistence on not having to provide any evidence of this) to argue for an anti-nonconsensual-PvP narrative.


There’s no evidence of this, and we can reasonably assume that you are lying.


The data does not show what you claim. There is no source of data available to us that prove ganking new players causes no issues. You still are also not getting that my opinion is separate to that data. It’s like me saying “I like red” and you saying “Blueberries are blue”. It’s unconnected.

I think it is better, more engaging gameplay to incentivise ganking high-value targets over new players. I don’t know why you struggle to understand that my view is not connected to the number of new players you think are ganked.

So earlier it was “ever”, not it’s “three years”.

Of course, anyone in your alliance will have the same. It’s not an impressive killboard.

It doesn’t imply anything. You are making implications based on it but the data does not make that implication objectively.

Of course it matters, because you’re claiming that there are sock puppet alts here being used to manipulate perception. If that’s the case, alts are alts, whether they have killboards stats or not. It is a known fact that many gankers use many alts to gank with, so what evidence is there that most gankers here aren’t also alts being used to manipulate perception?

You’re just drawing arbitrary lines so you can pretend that everyone you disagree with is a sock puppet and everyone you agree with is a genuine player.


There is also no source of data proving that ganking causes any issue. Since the burden of proof is logically placed upon the individual asserting a claim, it is up to you to prove your case. Without further evidence, it is reasonable to assume that ganking is not a problem. Indeed, considering that CCP has not taken action to stop gankers from ganking new players, it is clear that even CCP does not believe this to be the case.

It does. Get over it. I’m not going to argue the point as you have yourself single handedly led me to consider your ‘opinion’ on the matter totally utterly worthless. So shout ’ Ain’t so’ all you like.

So it is purely a coincidence that two people both have 3 years of absence from killboard after 2016…and then both have new records in 2019 within 2 days of each other…only to both disappear from killboard again for another 3 years ?

It is also a coincidence that everyone blocked Lucas Kell, and now there is a mystery alt continuing where Lucas left off. It’s almost like he knows we blocked him, and he is continuing to try to talk to us.


If you want evidence, you can simply ask the posters you suspect are alts to get into a Discord with you and check for yourself, or play within their open communities, and be able to recognize each poster individually.

The killboard is basically a CAPTCHA test to ensure you are talking to an actual individual, rather than another sockpuppet troll.


Another interesting ‘coincidence’.


Two individuals, neither with an active killboard, both making identical arguments using identical reasoning and identical words and identical grammar and identical regional dialects, both with the same identical paranoid concern that someone might be trying to search their posting history in order to discern whether there is any similarity.

There’s only like a dozen people actively using this forum.

Gee, I wonder who this is.



The real issue, which I hope the mods will appreciate, is that in a thread that is all about fairness it is really not fair if one side is posting as their regular selves with consistent characters that are well known and the only ones that post here at all…while the other side brings on unknown alt after unknown alt to try to bolster the idea that there is larger support than actually exists.

The fact that this incredibly subjective moving goalpost was tossed out, (highlighted for convenience)

Just validates that Elizabeth has absolutely no interest in any data presented, and no amount of data will ever satisfy the “proved beyond a doubt” clause.

It’s as you said, its designed to wasted your time while hiding behind a screen of being “genuine.”



Regrettably this thread is in dire need of a complete cleaning, the ad infinitum of off-topic replies mixed with personal attacks, harassments, sarcastic innuendo’s and outright lies gangbanged upon others has completely derailed this thread off it’s tracks. And with the grace of our CCP Overlords, please please issue some discrete warnings to those habitual posters…

By the way, thank you very much for all your hard work…

Is it?

I’m honestly not sure the ISD should waste their time. None of us are here for an actual debate. You want to provide a completely uninformed emotional appeal to attack the ingame playstyle of people who you refuse to even try and fight ingame, and we want to point out that this is all you are doing. There is no actual debate over ganking itself. You aren’t even remotely willing to listen to an objective argument about why ganking is legitimate and should be permitted by CCP, while we aren’t even remotely interested in your constant whining and exaggerated polemics.