Big ganks in EVE

Hello everyone.

  1. Do anyone know which was the biggest 1 man gank in EVE history? (by “1 man” I mean a solo kill and/or with your own alts - no fleet kills of freighters, also no LS/NS/WH things).
  2. Post your biggest “1 man” kill here, lets have a hall of fame and e-peen :slight_smile:


p.s. How do I make that zkill link to look nice as in other threads?


There were a few JF ganks over 200bil, ofcourse thats not possible anymore.

This kill was valued at 98b at the time, and still shows as such on zkillboard when viewing my stats. The kill wasn’t worth anywhere near that of course, the inflated values were due to a bug that existed shortly after the big industry patch in 2014 (Crius). Still, it makes for an interesting kill that I like to share from time to time.

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Of course it is still possible.

Probably? Biggest solo I can think of that isn’t heavily inflated

Mine’s this one I think

My bests (although I’ve been retired for a LONG time)

^ 50 months game time

^ worth even more at the time (enough to pay for 60+ months game time)

I barely missed a cov-ops with 70+ months game time (guns didn’t fire in time, but it was VERY close)

NIce nice and yea, Pornmaker has balls of steel! :slight_smile:

Nice kills and arty Apocs … so old school. I like it.

my biggest gank was this guy:


It was solo.

Yah, I soloed him, when I landed he was sitting still, so I began my approach run and then I opened fire with all my guns simultaneously, i use a bot program that lets me hit one key to shoot all 8 guns at once, and at first i thought his shields were gonna hold but then i just tore through with the force of the neutrons, just as i was getting into hull i was concerned he might start repairing but he was already dead due to my excellent sniper aim


Impressive, you might make a good PvP player at some point.

PS That is known as grouping guns, no wonder you get confused about people mining.

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Aw yah, bro, you group guns too? That is some elite right there. I always had to hit all these F keys, but I got this cool new settings hack that lets me fire everything with one keystroke. I can even warp 150km simultaneously, docking AND undocking!

PS - I thought you blocked me? :upside_down_face:


Must be a bot then, go report yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had, but it ran out so I decided to go with the swing, at least you are fairly amusing at times. For example I did rather like that thread you made on being scared to go solo a while back, hence the comment on solo above. But never mind, if I have to explain my joke I guess it is wasted. o7

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I don’t remember this kill of yours. :frowning:

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I’m sure I told you about it at the time, but we were both very busy due to all the blueprints floating around after the industry patch. It was a chaotic and fun time.


I have too many to post.

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