PVP solo Venture toilet challenge!

Hi there!

I offer 1 billion isk to the best solo killer in a venture till the end of the month of May this year.
This implies : engaging combat capable ships in low-sec, null-sec, wormholes and Pochven places. No shuttles, corvettes, or other ventures kills will qualify. I willl look at all the kills. Mail me them is the best.

It’s just for fun! Have fun!


Shame it wasn’t for Magnates. I’d be all over this :slight_smile:


After looking zkillboard for this month of May, I see that Marta Joringer bags the most kills under my little challenge conditions. She wins the 1 billion isk prize ! Congratulations !

Some other very impressive kills there, but, understandably, not that much. Few people trying solo fighting in a venture, haha!

Goodbye capsuleers, have a lot of fun!


Unfortunately my current enemies only really fight single targets in groups of 20 or more faction-fit battleships so using a Venture is kind of a non-starter, but maybe if there’s another contest like this some time in the future, I’ll try using a Venture almost exclusively.


Probably in the same spirit

With enemies like yours, who needs friends?

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