2018 CODE. Venture killing contest


(Australian Excellence) #1

Hello pilots of New Eden!

As we have in the past, the CODE. alliance is running a venture killing contest for 2018!

The event will be starting today and run till May 31st where we will hand out prizes to the winners who kill the most ventures in Highsec, make the best Video killing them or kill the biggest pod (that was in a venture).

There will be 5 prizes, 3 prizes for most killed, 1 for best video and 1 for biggest pod.

Most kills:
1st: 1500 PLEX
2nd: 500 PLEX
3rd: 250 PLEX

Best Video:
1000 PLEX

Biggest Pod:
500 PLEX

The prize pool will be increased over the contest period with donations from the generous pilots of New Eden.
All Donations to the contest can be sent to Australian Excellence.


  1. Make sure you do NOT kill players in the official newbie systems, or risk a permaban!
  2. Make sure you have your API setup on Zkillboard for validation!
  3. Kills must be different players and suicide ganks in Highsec.
  4. If you kill with multiple characters (Omega Clones only!) pick one of your characters to enter the Event (obviously the one with the most kills)
  5. Once the competition is over, you count your total of individual kills and send them to Australian Excellence.
  6. Only individual kills in Highsec will count, no loading a freighter with 100 ventures :slight_smile:
  7. ALL pilots in New Eden are allowed to participate regardless of what group they belong to!
  8. Any attempts to cheat or game the contest will result in that player being disqualified.

For more information you can ask in the minerbumping channel ingame or on our Discord!

We at the CODE. alliance are happy to bring this fun content to the community and hope it fosters some movement in an increasingly stagnant part of the game. Good hunting friends!

CODE - can anyone can explain?
(Razakien Okel) #2

Great initiative :slight_smile: Let’s put fun back into it

(Inaishite Teikei) #3

Are ONLY High Sec kills counted? No lowsec, w-space or null? Or did I misunderstand that part?

(Australian Excellence) #4

Highsec kills only. I’ll make that more clear in the op

(Solstice Projekt) #5

Would the following be considered cheating?

I seek new players, asking them to drop their ventures into a blob in mid space and pay them for it. As long as no one enters the empty ship, it is still marked as belonging to the pilot and the killmails wouldnot tell the truth… Once i have gathered enough, I could blow them all up in a single disco ship.

Assuming i could pay enough new players pity sums that make them happy (which seems doable), i would still profit by winning the tournament.


(Trent Vistor) #6

This can be exploited SO easily it’s laughable. I look forward to winning 1st, 2nd & 3rd, even though I’ll have to split it with a friend. Thank you for putting such little thought into the rules and making this a cake walk.

(Trent Vistor) #7

It’s not against the rules he posted. Just do like me and exploit the crap out of this contest, but do it within the confines on the rules. My way is different from yours, but our end result will be the same…tons of venture kills.

(Dom Arkaral) #8

A-type invuln and officer DCU venture or gtfo

Cheating is for the weak

(Dom Arkaral) #9

Add a 500 plex for the funniest name :wink:

(Trent Vistor) #10

How is it cheating if I don’t break the rules?

(Dom Arkaral) #11

Because you already said you were going to exploit the rules lmao

Anyway, glhf

(Aishtar Sheran) #12

I love this guy.

(Trent Vistor) #13

Exploit - make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource).

You don’t seem to understand the difference between exploit & cheating. Either way, I’ll be doing this with my main and collecting some nice plex.

(Lyse BoloChews) #14

You wonf win anything. Each kill has to be a unique different player

(Trent Vistor) #15

I understand that. Once again, what I’m talking about falls within the rules of the event. Each kill will be that of a different toon.

(Dom Arkaral) #16

cough cough

(Trent Vistor) #17

The toon doing the killing will be a omega. That rule (unless I’m reading it wrong) does not apply to the victim. The victim can be an Alpha as long as it’s a different alpha each time.

(QuakeGod) #18

Simple solution. Limit the reward to killing of Ventures of players that are 30+ days old, that way no one can just create a mass amount of alpha accounts and start killing of their own Venture toons for the sole purpose of winning the contest…

(Australian Excellence) #19

Don’t worry we’ll look over the end results people send, some guy who’s trying to game the system by farming new characters he makes or some other dumb crap isn’t going to win anything.

(Sarah Flynt) #20

see, and that’s the reason why CCP judges many things on a case by case basis because there are always some “but technically I did nothing wrong”-lamers around.

Quite ironic in this case :rofl: