Solo Venture PvP

Hi all.

I just want to say I will award 100M to the best player killing something solo with a Venture, in lowsec, nullsec, wormhole or Pochven in the next 6 days, challenge ending Monday 08/23/2021 midnight.
It’s not a big reward, but it is one. Send me your kill reports. It’s for fun only, and the only judge will be me. What did you kill, how?

Have fun :slight_smile:

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This is something for @Barry_Foldar

If you see his Venture on grid, you know someone’s going to get tackled. And killed. Possibly solo.

So far I have received 0 reports (Yeah, it’s a silly event and I don’t promote it at all, no surprise), so I just have to check zkillboard to see… So far, racing girl and HUNZY 0511 seems worthy :slight_smile: Maybe should I share the reward. I’m pretty sure none of them are even aware there is one, lol ^^

Well, this little experiment ends now. With no more reports, a look at zkillboard confirms me that HUNZY 0511 is the best solo venture fighter of the week. The prize goes to him.

Goodbye, and have fun :slight_smile:

Ahhhh Hello.
Thank you so much for your charitable contribution. Here’s a little something I recorded a while back.

Battle Venture Murder Rupture - YouTube

Stay Frosty
HUNZY 0511


Haha, thank you very much for sharing this :slight_smile:
What a report!

I wish I hadn’t missed this thread, not for the reward so much as it would have been fun to have had more time to really see this take off.
Great idea, I hope you do it again.

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