The ultimate pvp challenge: Solo Pirate

(Ioz) #1

Here is my challenge.


  • One capsuleer
  • No alt’s of any kind
  • Low sec systems are only ones allowed
  • Gain atleast 10 PVP victories in one week without losing your single ship
  • Haulers, shuttles etc. not counted
  • Gain atleast 100 million ISK as ransoms
  • All chat logs etc. must be verified
  • You must use only one ship
  • You are allowed to change fittings, ammunition etc, but not the hull.

Price: 100 million ISK to each who can pull this through. The ISK that I get from selling my character will be spent on these rewards.

(Tipa Riot) #2

Nice one, though the ransoms are the tricky part …

(Michael Pergkk) #3


  • High value targets such as plebs flying Rattlesnakes who are like 3 weeks old will usually pay ransom.

  • Command ships are massively helpful when it comes to Solo Piracy. Sleipnirs especially.

  • Stay away from your hot pipes; it’ll take much longer to catch prey this way but you have a whole week to do this.


(Ioz) #4

Not a single true pirate around?

(Madrax573) #5

Anyone actually pirate in EVE any more?

(Mephiztopheleze) #6

I value killmarks and epic killmails more than ransoms…

(Dix0n Cid3r) #7

If you’re in a quicklocking ship I usually manage about 500mil in ramsoning pods per month. 100mil in a week is tricky though

Edit: 100mil not 300. Definately doable

(system) #8

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