Prove Yourself to the Triglavians! 10B ISK Abyssal PvP Tournament

o7 Eve nerds!!

Let’s prove ourselves to Zorya Triglav shall we? On the weekend of April 10th – 12th I’ll be running an Abyssal PvP tournament event! The goal is simple, kill as much ISK and ships as you can starting Friday the 10th after DT and ending Sunday night at 23:59 Eve time!

As of right now, until I get any feedback/suggestions or help the prize is simple, 5 BILLION ISK will go to one person that gets the most kills, and 5 BILLION ISK will go to the person that destroys the most ISK. On Monday I’ll tally it all up using Zkillboard and award the ISK once I figure how to do math! I’ll try my best to get ahold of some ship skins and other cool stuff and look at awarding cool skins to whoever gets the most kills with certain ships.

On top of this event, I will be streaming Abyssal PvP on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th for four hours each day, and any revenue I earn from the streams will go directly to Veeter for his work on setting up the Abyssal Loot Tracker and Lioneer for setting up Eve Workbench.

If you have any suggestions/feedback/concerns, please let me know!! This is my first time doing anything like this, so it’s a learning process :slight_smile: Thanks for your time!!


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