The Boogaloo Tournament (2v2 SvB Frigate Tournament) Part 2

Hello everyone!
(link to original post here: 2nd SvB Frigate Tournament (The Boogaloo Tournament))

I’m here to update everyone on the post I made the other week about the second SvB tournament that we are hosting.

I know some were hesitant on joining or were worried about finding a teammate. I didn’t make this clear, so, if you DON’T have a teammate and want to join, you still can! You will end up being randomly paired and you can change your teammate up until the 4th of Feb. After this, the teams will be locked. Also, we have decided to extend the deadline of the signups to the 3rd of February, for the reasons mentioned above.

I also know there might have been some confusion with the rules, so here’s a document outlining everything about the tournament in full: 2nd SvB Tournament Rules - Google Docs

This includes a full detailed list of what it is, the rules, and how the tournament will work.

Our prizepool is also now up to 9 billion! If you wish to donate, please contact me on discord (anikingamers#4963) or send an Eve mail in game (anikingamers Dissconected). You can shoutout whoever/whatever you want (stream friendly) if you donate 1 billion or more, and you get a name shoutout at 250 million.

We have some decent teams already, and some people even said they took off for work for this (we appreciate you!) and we’d love to have more people join. This is the most ambitious thing we’ve tried and we’ve love to take it as far as possible.

To participate, make sure to join the discord here: Sharks vs Bears

And finally, as a reminder, the tournament will be taking place on the 11th of February, 18:00 Eve time. It will be streamed live. By joining the discord, you can also interact with us live as the tournament is taking place, and we might even pull some viewers for some interviews or commentary!

See you there! o7

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