Frigate Tournament! Lez go Boyos!

Good evening everyone,

me and a Friend are planning to host a Last Man Standing Tournament on sisi together.

A Tournament!? Tell me more!

Sure thing. Me and a Friend are flying a Bowhead filled with fitted ships to a special location.
You guys then get there in your empty Pods and board a ship. They are all prefitted with pvp fits.
Then the fighting starts. Now we drop way more ships then Pilots will fight. That means when your ship dies, its not over for you. Simpley board the next Ship and keep going.
This goes on for you til you run out of ships to board or you get podded by someone else.

What ships are you going to drop?

We are going to drop all kinds of Tech 1 Frigates (all races will be on grid)

What Fits are they going to have?

Now thats the fun Part. I cant give you the exact fittings. But they will all be PvP Fits.
No troll or trash fits.

Can i bring my shiney Implants?
No, you cant. We wanna keep it fair between old and new Pilots.

I just started to play, can I still be part of all that?
Yes you can! All Frigs will be Tech 1 fitted. No need for huge Skill

I wanna join! Give me a date for it pls!
Yes Sir! its going to be on the 7th of November 20 Eve Time.
Just be ready with your empty pod at that time and you are ready to go o/

Thats it for now. Feel free to let us know your Ideas below or just PM me on sisi. Up to you :wink:

Wish everyone a nice evening and happy Hunting!


This is amazing. I will be there!

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deadspace/officer mods will be allowed? what about faction mods aswell?

You lost me at sisi

Wont be. Tech 1 Ships, with Tech 1 Fitting. No shiney Stuff.

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