I'm giving away 1,000 fully fit pvp-ready frigates

These are primarily for people who want to try out PvP but aren’t too sure how.

Watch Eve Online : Giving Away 1,000 Free Ships for Low Sec PvP - YouTube for full details.

Also, visit Low Sec PvP for Beginners : The Guide - MacGybo for info.

The station is at Jufvitte - IX Aliastra Warehouse. Come get a free, fit PvP ship and jump into low sec and have some fun :slight_smile:


I have an alt for that purpose. I will be contacting you soon to take advantage of that offer.

It would be awesome if you tossed a channel on your discord where we could arrange duels, talk lessons learned, and the like! Oh, and thank you for helping pulling people out of their comfort zone! Who can say no to PvP when it’s free and riskless!

Free free to use #low-sec-pvp for that :slight_smile:

I prefer pvp on destroyers.

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this guy is legit i recommend :+1:
especially to forum members that don’t do PVP
now is the time , cant be better than free
go to low sec and have some FUN ™

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I actually and unironically endorse this product.

I prefer to pvp in a procurer.

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A reminder that this is still ongoing. If I’m not online, send me a message in-game and I’ll fix you up with a ship next time I’m on. Just let me know what kind you’d like and I’ll send a few over.

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