1 v 1 Wormholers Single Elimination T1 Frigate Tournament at 1900 Eve time today (12/30/23) 1b isk prize

Hello Everyone,

The Kingdom of Bretonia would like to host a 1 v 1 Frigate Tournament today for all residents of Wormhole space.

I’d like for wormhole pilots to get to know eachother, and for my corp mates in KXB to gain more experience in PVP, and to see good fit examples and to have a good time. To this end I would like to schedule a 1 v 1 single elimination t1 frigate tournament on Saturday December 30th at 1900 eve time. If you would like to attend, please join the public discord I have created: 1 v 1 Eve Tournaments

The tourney will be taking place in the form of duals which will occur in high-sec space.


  1. Only t1 frigates with t1 or meta 1-4 modules.
  2. No warping off during the duals
  3. Single Elimination with the fighting stopping when one side dies or after 15 minutes
  4. May not travel further than 100km from the center of the tournament map.
  5. Duals will take place at a high sec market hub. The exact hub will be told to you through mail the day of the tournament.
  6. Duals cannot last longer than 15 minutes each. At the 15 min mark, if both ships are alive, the slowest ship automatically wins.
  7. Dualists will initiate duals at the trade up station, and then warp to a to be determined planet at any distance to begin the fight.
  8. Dual results will be posted in this discord which I created for this purpose: [Discord] 1 v 1 Eve Tournaments
  9. Only 1 repper will be permitted
  10. Must be on discord comms. Mic not requires, but being able to hear the FC is.
  11. 1st place winner will win a 1b isk prize

I hope we can have a lot of fun and gain a lot of experience in pvp! Please tell your friend, and if you think you would like to attend, Join the discord group and sign up in the 12/30/23 Tournament channel.

Signups will close at 1800, and brackets will be sent out at 1830.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you there!

This makes no sense. Slowest what? base speed?

Yes base speed with and without propulsion mods.

The idea is that if the kiter build draws the fight out to 15 min and they cant kill the brawler fit, the brawler should get to win by surviving.

That’s not a lot of time for people to prepare, organise or even consider attending.

Beyond that, good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

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oof meaning nobody will ever see it. you mods really make it hard to organize public events

Not a single post here since you moved the thread. Thanks for your service to Eve online. Really improving the game…

9 hrs and its a weekend, major weekend at that. Chill tf out

You would probably do better by not creating events on the same damn day you wanna do it. Look at the snowball fight. Posted in this subforum even though not a lot of posting here, sees a lot of action at time of event

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I disagree

Next tournament is a 2 v 2 on 1-13-23 at 1900

No you showed proof i was right. Even though not a lot of traction HERE on the forums as i mentioned, which is what you were complaining about, you still had a high turnout.

This forum gained us literally no joiners. 99% of people who came were from the discords I posted to or the Reddit.

I’m not even sure what you are arguing. You are not being very clear. You tell me to chill out and that it’s a bad idea to post events same-day. I’m telling you that posting the event same day worked fine.

Anyway this event is for wormholers, not HS corps. You can’t come even if you wanted. You are just bored arguing with people you don’t know on the internet. Who cares who is right

yup forum died years ago

Reddit is a goddamn cesspool.

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