PVP Tournament - Friday 2/21 - ~1800 Eve time - 100M GTD (increased based on number of participants)

Rules of the tournament:
1) To enter the tournament complete all of the following:
a) Open trade with ‘Murky Soul’ in Jita 4/4
b) Offer isk in the amount required for entry
c) Accept trade once ship has been offered
d) Accept fleet invite
2) Make fitting adjustments using only the ships cargo contents. No unauthorized modules.
3) Undock and warp to your squad leader.
4) Once bracket is announced, wait until your fight is announced and duel your opponent.
5) Fight is to the ship death - NO WARPING OUT.
6) Winner will advance to next bracket.
7) Outside interference will result in DQ for both participants (sorry not sorry).
8) All participants will be ship scanned. Any unauthorized modules result in DQ.
9) Implants ARE ALLOWED and unrestricted. Go nuts.
10) Rigs are exchangeable. Any rigs are fine. (basic rigs in cargo)

More information in my in-game Bio. We also have a tournament channel: Twitch PokeSmotRVA (in-game chat).

Let me know your questions!

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