Possible tournaments?

This is a question out of my own curiosity. Is it possible and legal/allowed to host tournaments to the public that I run myself? Of course, rewards would be available and whatnot, but I don’t know if there are any rules against it or not.

Yes it is. There is even a website or service with tournament brackets and point systems you can use.

BRAVE held one a few months ago, was internal but it was awesome. Unfortunately you don’t always find enough people to hold them for or with.

But from what I gathered throughout New Eden was, that such event, private, public, you name it, are always welcome and people want them, even if they just want to watch.

Hmm, alright. Might try to bring them to the public. Question is, to help fund myself for the prizes, should I have some more ‘advanced’ tournaments with better prize then the standard, but it has a small entry fee? Or should I not worry about that?

I can’t answer that for you but I can tell you how we did it in BRAVE, our host has this website with all the necessary for this kind of thing.

When I find it, I’ll link it for you.

He setup a tournament environment with launched containers in space, so we would have a sort of boundary with a center, like the tournament bubble in Polaris.

It was all t1 frigates and an MTU in the center, which collected the wrecks over the course of the tournament.
It was an elimination tournament and once either the 5 minutes were up or one of the contestants was killed, we would warp out of that boundary and the MTU collected the wrecks, which then was the “price” and we had a first, second and third place isk amount to win.
First price was 100 million isk some of the loot in the MTU.
Second was 50 million and the rest of the loot in the MTU.
Third was 25 million.

Hope that helps.

That does! I’ll most likely end up finding different ways to do it all, and experiment until I find what is best

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My next question is then, how could I do it? If I wanna do public tournaments, do I just have the to duel each other?

Oh yes, that’s how we did it and it does work. You had to review the fittings that had some specific rules like no blue or other faction modules and however you want to frame it and once approved, we would only be allowed to fly that specific fit and ship in a 1v1 elimination round thing.


Is the website I was referring to.

Alright, thanks for the help!

I"m doing tournaments and they’re live. You’re welcome to participate or just check out how we’re doing it. Every Friday in Jita. Details on this post: PVP Tournament - Friday 2/21 - ~1800 Eve time - 100M GTD (increased based on number of participants)

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