Any corps taking care of the organization of public events?

i have the money, but not the time. i am looking for people who have the time.

price money, and compensation for the work, will be held by a trustworthy 3rd party.

all details are already covered. the biggest effort appears to be taking care of registration and using python scripts to scrape killboards or other ways of logging event activity.


What kind of event though? I mean therr’s a difference between sponsoring a fleet roam, holding a free ship free-for-all, and having a tournament.

What kind of content do you want?


good question, thank you! i don’t really want to spoil it, for in game reasons. i hoped there would be people who just try to cover it all.

one would be a mass event, running over months (though low effort spread throughout the duration, due to automatation mostly). nothing little, short lived. mostly taking care of advertising, registration and verifying participation within the rules. i can provide proven-to-be-effective concepts for direct marketing, as well.

the other would be a likely silly, but satisfying long term thing for explorers and everyone who likes to explore, which has a rather high amount of prep work, but most of the rest could be run automated. i have a server, and a script in mind for this.

as i said, it’s hard to communicate it publicly, without talking about it. talking about it would just generate opinions, which i’d like to avoid. for now.

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I am looking for a new project at the moment to work on outside work.

I offered to help Crimson Draufgauge with a platform for solo pvper’s, but that seems to be going nowhere currently and I haven’t heard anything from him for a few weeks now.

So it’s something I’m interested in. Sounds like a mix of development work and marketing, which would be good.

No ISK required. Just something I’d be happy to do.

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Tthat’s awesome, thank you! there’s something, yes,… though for the other one it’d need more. still, thanks, i’ve written your offer for assistance down and will formulate something up.

btw, you’re an iC gallente loyalist?

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