Event Completed: Pop a Venture

Hello Eve Pilots,

On this Sunday, I will be mining in the Low Sec system of Aeter (in Solitude) from about 11:15am to 1:00pm Eve time (I’ll be starting just after downtime). I’ll be in a Venture. Anyone that wants to practice “hunting” during that time is free to do so. I plan to mine as much ore as possible, no matter how many neutrals are in the system. I will have extra Ventures stocked up in the station, so I can immediately re-ship after any losses.

I will be following certain rules:

  1. I will not leave the system (unless I get podded and respawn elsewhere)
  2. I will not dock up unless I need to re-ship
  3. Although the Venture has a natural +2 to warp core strength, I will not equip any ADDITIONAL warp core stabilizers
  4. I will not utilize d-scan
  5. I will TRY to always be in a belt (so I will avoid warping to planets/moons/safe spots)
  6. I will not cloak

With respect to the rules above, I will do everything in my power stay alive- which means I’ll try to: warp off if any hostile enters the belt, avoid belts if I think they’re being camped, use ECM, etc…

Why am I doing this?

I’m trying my hand at being a content creator for this game. I’ve seen others do some clever PvP ideas like duals/tournaments- but thought it would be interesting to set up a PvP event for people that want to practice hunting. As you know, the career agents don’t offer a PvP tutorial, and actually hunting in the wild can be slow and frustrating- jumping from system to system for hours without finding any suitable targets. In this case, you know there’s DEFINITELY a Venture mining in your system - it’s up to you to figure out how to catch it. This PvP can be low cost/alpha friendly, since a T1 frigate with T1 fittings should be more than enough to take me out.

I’m not a wealthy player, and although this will be a FREE event for everyone to participate, I won’t be able to offer monetary prizes- though I do plan to call out the top hunters in this thread.

If you think this is a cool idea, and if you might be interested in participating - please give this thread a “like”. If you have any ideas to make this better, please leave a comment or send me an Eve Mail. If this thread stays empty, I’ll assume there’s little to no interest, which is still good, because at least I’ll know.

Any updates to this event will be made below this line:

  1. If you need supplies, the nearest market is in the System of Boyston (About 6 jumps away)
  2. My death clone is in Boyston- meaning, if I get Podded, it will take me several minutes to get back to the system.

I think you’re making it too easy by saying which system you’ll be in, that’s basically like fishing in a barrel. Since it’s meant for players to practice hunting, I suggest you simply say you’ll be in an Asteroid Belt of one of the systems within a specific Constellation starting from 11:15am to 1:00pm Eve time on Sunday Nov 3rd.

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Wow, I love you now!
Remember to play zoomed out!

You’re probably right- except the fish don’t know they’re being fished- I do.

Nonetheless, I’ll keep this suggestion in mind for (possible) future events.

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Sometimes I get caught up in the visuals of this game (I play on near-max graphics settings) - this will be a hard habit for me to break, but I’ll work on it :slight_smile:


Hmm interesting. I’m not really interested in killing you, but maybe I’ll come out to help you practice warping off :slight_smile:

I will contribute to your venture fund though.


My first post, hope you’ll be my first kill. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback, it sounds like there’s definitely some interest in this- so I’ll be moving forward as planned.

@Derath_Ellecon I definitely intend to use this opportunity to practice my own evasion techniques. Also, any donations would be great (though, I would try to distribute this out to the participants in some form). I considered carrying some PLEX in my cargo (100% drops right now) - but realized that could get expensive quickly- so I scratched the idea.

@Dala_Bedala o7 Are you new to PvP? This could definitely be a fun / unique way for you to get some practice in. Even though I won’t use d-scan, I will be quite alert / elusive- so I won’t be making this too easy for you or anyone else :slight_smile: I hope to see you out there!

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I would leave the content as the prize and re-invest the isk into making more of it, or at least keep the prizes modest. Fun and recognition of achievement are already generous gifts for those who appreciate what you’re actually trying to give.


If I’m awake I may fly around in something fast with some PLEX in my hold. You’ll know if you see it on Dscan.

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nice baiting. and two carrier friends cloaked near you?


I very much doubt this is anything other than what it says on the tin, but it doesn’t take a lot of ship to take down a venture, if you can catch it, and there’s no guarantee someone else won’t be looking to make content out of the hunters.

Take it for what it is. An invitation to do something at a known time. Bring what you can afford to lose and see what happens.

Nope, I will not. But I have no control over what others will bring.

Same rule applies here as with ANY other Eve online event. Never fly what you can’t afford to lose.

As mentioned above, anyone on a budget should keep their fittings cheap. T1 frigate or T1 destroyer is PLENTY to take out a Venture. Although- I think it would be hilarious if someone brings an obnoxiously
overpowered/ridiculous ship to take out a Venture. At the end of the day- it’s content.

Titan alts would like to know your location

inb4 the hundred titans FFA battle and a few thousand random other ships for good measure. :slight_smile:

Hey now, this isn’t some sort of blue doughnut! LS is a reputable space for enterprising capsuleers. :shushing_face:

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Not too hard. The location and time were freely given in my opening post of this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering I’m in a Frigate- if a Titan warped in on grid, I would…

  1. get up from my chair
  2. Head to the kitchen
  3. Get a cup of coffee
  4. Leisurely make my way back to the computer
  5. …And warp out

All before the Titan could establish a lock :slight_smile:


Haha, my first thought as well, but content is content…

Aeter or New York City ?

??? I don’t get it.