Hunt event = lazy design

I’ve been playing the game for years, but have recently got back to it after a long break.

Decided to try out the event out of curiosity in hsec. What did I find? People not giving a simplest F about who was at the hunt site first. They’ll just spam warp on the gate as the last rat dies to get to the loot room before you.

Absolutely trash design from CCP. Why not just lock the first clear gate when someone uses it?
But hey, it’s just my opinion. Of course I’ll get blasted with negative comments. That’s what forums are for, right?

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Isn’t there some dumb egg-key or something?

Then you should not be so surprised.

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The hunt event is not for the players. It’s for the corporation’s bottom line.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Yes, only used at the last gate.

Haha, oh ■■■■!

We finally got a genuine thread about a PvEer complaining about competing for content with other PvEers! :partying_face:


How is mashing warp key competing to you?

We should disable Concord inside the event site. That would fix it.


Those damn sociopath racers!

Hey, you realize that you can still take the loot even if someone else explodes the rat, right?


Players taking advantage of OP’s cowardice in running sites in high sec is “lazy design” from CCP? The victimhood mentality is strong with this one…

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Welcome to EVE!



In order to minimize your chances of losing competitions, you should:

  • Start with a solid fit (fit the most DPS that you can safely get away with)
  • Run sites in less populated areas
  • Improve your execution (i.e. learn hotkeys, be attentive, shoot rats in an order that maximizes damage application*), as less time running the site means less chance that someone else will roll up on you.
  • Overheat on the main loot drop rat (killing shot no longer matters, now it’s most DPS)
  • Approach rat before it dies (depending on fit, you might also want to turn off prop mod to prevent slingshotting yourself in and out of range).
  • Switch to loot tab, and get ready to snatch the contents

*For example, if a wave of frigates and cruisers spawns outside of the optimal range of your guns, you should probably go for the frigates first, because they’ll have the lowest transversal when flying towards you and will close within your optimal before the cruisers do. On the other hand, if that same wave spawns within range of your missiles, transversal and range aren’t going to affect your application. So, instead, you might want to go for the cruisers first, and then finish off the frigs once they’ve dropped from chase speed to orbit speed and are now in range of your web(s).

Note that some events also provide unique opportunities to make it harder for competitors. For example, the main rat in one event moved fast and liked to keep range. Thus, brawlers could “push” him away from the beacon as they killed him, and any latecomers would find themselves well out of range. Another event had a can that needed to be hacked to make the main rat appear, but also had to be completed within a set time, or said rat would poof out of existence. However, since only one person could hack the can at a time, you could effectively lock down the site if any competitors showed up. If they realized what you were doing and left, you could continue with the site. And if not, you could ensure that nobody got paid, which made people quickly stop contesting. Long story short, even guys with lackluster DPS can find ways to compete with vets by figuring out how to make mechanics work to their advantage.

Or you could just keep complaining. Whatever works best for you.


but remember
nothing this matter if you don’t have a point (scram / disruptor ) or the balls to kill the yellow guy who did less dps and stole your loot


Maybe the “summon po-po” button from that other thread can be used for dealing with loot thieves too.


LOL you’re really on a roll today.

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Of course. This Forum is still part of Eve Universe.:relieved:

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Stop whining and go to losec. Or even wspace is full of them. Hisec is like a crowded dayroom in an urban population center psych ward and nurse betty sets out 1 box of cookies for shits&giggles.


You could just do those sites in a part of space where you can fight anyone who tries to do that to you. Or you could do it in places where you have no competition.

Why did you make the choice to run these sites in crowded high sec space? These issues you mention are a direct result of your choices!

I did some sites in null sec space and found no one to compete with me and if I did, I could fight them off.

Because this is EVE not WoW, you’re competing with other players for rewards

Actually, locking the gate for the person that used the entry key would make sense. It is a bit lazy in that way, but maybe there’s a technical reason for it to do with Deadspace or something? Idk. Just guessing.

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