The Hunt

Alright guys I need someone to throw me a bone. This event makes very little sense. Either its lag or I am missing something so if someone could fill in the gaps that would be nice.

These little egg things. Dafuq you do with them? There is 0 information on what to do with it and no clear place to sell it other than to the dirt bags already putting up buy orders. That being said whats the point to gathering them up other than points? Isk? Loyalty points? one whole bullet?

Why do the spawns feel weird? Firstly it takes me 10 to 20 seconds to even target anything and they usualy get to target first which is super strange, second, sometimes there are only five or so guys and then other times they keep spawning untill the boss comes. Am I missing something or is this broken? The format that the Drones event had a while back worked fine but this stuff is silly.

Is there any way to normalize the spawns so i might have some shot in hell at getting the points i need in less than 40 days?

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The Egg’s concord buy’s not players. they all pay the same.

You can’t lock as these NPC’s warp in as apposed to just appearing

  • I got 100 points in the slight time the server was up and now have to wait 13 hrs till I can get more point’s, but the boosters and faction ballistics should keep me going

then there is an animation gltich because they are clearly not in warp they are just sitting there for ten or more odd seconds. its an excessively long time closer to the invulnerability you get coming out of a warp gate not landing on grid. Invulnerability shuts off the moment the warp goes away far as i can tell. unless they also have to do something after they land. Its more irritating than important but when seconds matter like locking and blowing up the target before the: 15 man ishtar fleet releases the bees, i think we have an issue.

Yeah, the issue is your sitting in a system with a 15 man ishtar fleet…

Eve is a big place, try moving region

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Trying that. Not working terribly well. Sometimes i land on grind and the place has been cleared or nothing is spawning. some times its occupied, and more than once i have done all the heavy lifting to have someone fly in and snipe the boss out from under me.

Point is i shouldnt have to go out to Null sec or Wormhole space to make reasonable progress.

Like I say, i’m in high sec and have done all I can for 13 hrs (5 stages of both kill rats and get eggs)

I mean, i’m not going to tell you how to find quiet systems in eve, but it’s not really difficult.

Might be luck. Havnt been able to be on till 2 hours ago and it just shut down again. I dont consider 5 kills every ten complexes acceptable progres. Is it better to just camp a system or do the sites bounce around like escilations

The tier 5 challenge for killing was get 100 kills, I did it in 2 sites as I left the boss and let stuff spawn. Because as far as I could tell (local is bugged to hell) local was empty

Try not sitting in a caldari mission hub

thats the thing though, my hom space normly isnt populated. Its a cosmos system. it sucks out there. The ore is good but thats about it

Well, I killed a ton of rats and two BS, but the big boss was incredibly shielded, could barely scratch him. (Muninn, 650 Arty II, Titanium Sabot. Tremor was useless. Figured Quake wouldn’t be much better.) Capsule was there, couldn’t load to cargo,?? Looted a couple of ships and got the Tier 1 damage enhancer. Spawns continue forever. I guess you need a BS to take out the boss. All in all, a big yawn.

@K_uata_Sayus no you dont need a battleship to kill the boss … i was in a cruiser … T1 … no problem

@Hiyasha since the last change a few months ago … rats dont just spawn … they “warp” in … its not really a warp but it should look a bit like warp in … ok … when you warp in a site … you cant target right away … sucks in pvp but if you are in a site somewhere and someone warps in you cant insta target … so it was like that: bring a normal game mechanic to pve … nothing really new …


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