New "The Hunt" Event - 2022.04.07

Greetings fellow capsuleers,

Today the Hunt event returned, with the regular Easter theme. This time, the C3-X “Hivaa Saitsuo” Ballistic Control System modules have also returned as loot. The combat sites are accessible with T1, T2 and faction frigates and destroyers.

A more difficult variation of the sites can be found in the Venal area or Caldari Low-Security areas. Also, bare in mind that during this event, implants from destroyed pods may drop.

Also, this year, we get a piece of lore, with the “Golden Pods” that are fleeing from Jita 4-4, being lead by the director of the Caldari Navy Research Division, Esri Hakuzosu.

The Event also includes new Packs available in the NES.
The Event will run from today - 2022.04.07 to 2022.04.19.
Are you running the event? What are your thoughts about it?

#Update: It seems the Keys for the acceleration gates are bugged. You can only use keys that you redeem as a daily reward, but the keys that drop from the capsules are from last year and hence expired.

Here is a video of my first run, including a completed site and a site, a scan, destruction and looting of a capsule that dropped an expired key and a partial completion of a site in which I couldn’t get past the gate because of the expired key:

Here is also the event being completed in the first day, by achieving the 950 points track available:

It took me 31 sites to complete the event. This is all the loot I got from completing the event, with the note that I didn’t loot the “Automated” drone in all but three sites.

Adrian Vexier – “Stay safe and fly dangerous!”

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Not a great start when the pods drop last years expired keys lol

maybe just maybe one day ccp will get updates right and they wont be broken on release :smiley:


yup - i just blew up my first ‘mysterious capsule’ only to get an expired key!

That event is one year old, so keys are too.

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Not a problem. This is a tie in with the Dr Who event, those of us who established ourselves as Time Lords are able to go back to last year and use them.


The mysterious capsules drop Expired Guristas Acceleration Gate Key from wreckage of a mysterious capsule in YC123 and I think this is Hunt YC124.

Yet another example of the high quality of CCP developers :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Well I found some capsules. Fired fireworks on it and no luck. Send a drone to it and got Concorded :smiley:

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