The Hunt Returns! | EVE Online

This looks like a lot of fun :grin: Was something like this around last year? I was on a long break

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Its repeated.

Directional scan all planets, destroy “egg” you find, find the keys in capsules and use them to get into last room in site.

Last time there were gecko bluprint copies droping from miniboss. The sites are hard tho, but not as much as frigate burner missions.


I am wondering if I maybe don’t have these eggs on my overview settings so I can’t see them on dscan… any ideas? Or are they pretty rare maybe?

Try verifying your overview settings are correct.

Overview Settings → “Tab Presets” tab → “Types” subtab → “Irregular Capsule”

  • Capsules follow a naming scheme “Mysterious [Color] Capsule”

And remember, these will be in Caldari and Venal space.


Much appreciated o7 thank you @ISD_Golem

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I think that they are throughout New Eden, not just in Caldari space/Venal

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:grin: :grin: :grin:

Be careful, players are renaming their capsules to similar names of the event capsules. Check your safeties haha


:stuck_out_tongue: Good catch, I mixed up the lowsec/null ones. The Huntmaster sites.

Just want to say that I love this event so far. Made my wormhole very interesting and it’s led to some great content

Are you supposed to loose standings from killing the pods? I keep getting weird standings hits after cracking pods that say I’ve killed a structure or something (bunker, defense battery, etc)

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