2022 hunt event vs 2021 hunt

so i have compiled a few notes on this years event compared to last years.

41 runs
clear time average 7:12
541 mil total
4 skins
1 accelerator
average loot yield 5 mill.

88 runs
average clear time 9:21
17 skins.
11 accelerators.
average loot yield 18 mill.

seems like there has been a DRASTIC DRASTIC reduction in production of loot this year. is anyone else experiencing something similar?

also in the first few days of the event this year i had 16 eggs that had expired keys which i ended up trashing. which was not cool.

additionally i would move the jackdaw to room 1 and the vhf drone to room 2 as the vhf drone is significantly more dangerous than the jackdaw and seems to drop better loot. so swapping them would force people to have to hunt for eggs to get to the drone.

I’ve noticed the reduced loot drop too. Really enjoyed last year’s event and was looking forward to this one but the reward has been decidedly meh.

Kinda whacky drops.
Run about 40-50 event sites and only got an extender accelerator.
Used to farm my own accelerators but now I had to buy all of them of the market.

I wouldn’t consider this a worthy investment. Kinda useless event.

Shocker, for-profit company wants to make money to pay their employees to put food on dinner plate. Shocking, News at 11.

what the hell are you even talking about? outside of the game stuff has nothing to do with my thread. cutting down the drops does not affect ccp staff ability to feed their families.

its significantly dropped in usefullness this year. yes the point is to teach newbies to d scan but that doesnt mean experienced people cant be using their times to break the tediousness of some tasks by partaking in the events.

Pretty sure the less value drops, the more somebody needs to buy PLEX to feed their gaming habbit, meaning more sales, meaning more revenue.

Not everybody “plex” their subscription.

I got a 184 million implant, a blackbird skin, also 600 million isk total including salvaging. Made it only to the vexor skin cause i started late

I assume you ran the normal Hunt and not Huntmaster sites. Also last year had a bug where you could pre-align just before last wave spawned and take the gate as it would open upon their arrival, increasing site run speed. Finding keys this year was way easier due to golden eggs for me

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