10 minute wait - The Hunt Event

So, bug or intentional? After the initial wave is killed, it’s a 10 minute wait for new rats.

EDIT: Issue seems resolved. Good Work!

It’s all over the place. Sometimes waves spawn continuously - other times, yes - you’re stting around for 5-10 minutes.

I have the same problem. I kill the first wave and then nothing happens for 5+ mins. This is a big waste of time. How did this event get through testing? Was there any testing???

EDIT: In the current site, i had to wait 10 min for new spawn … zzzzzzzzzz
The respawn rate of the sites themselves also seems to be pretty low, because i have travelled through many systems without event sites.
You spend 90% of your time in this event looking for sites and waiting for rat spawns.

0/10 bad event

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at least they are invulnerable for less time.

The sites worked fine on the test server. However The Agency challenges were never placed on to SISI that I am aware of.

No idea what is causing this frustrating lag I did get a reply from @CCP_Dragon in another thread saying they were working on it.

If everything goes well, we should have a fix with today’s deployment. It was originally meant to address an unrelated issue that wasn’t even surfacing, which is why we didn’t bother with the fix. However it appears to alleviate this problem as well. We’ll still keep an eye on it after the fix goes live.


Doesn’t feel like that … but it’s more like the normal player invul after warp now. Anyway I want that to stay exactly like it is … for reasons. It compensates for another design issue I see with the sites.

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Thanks for working on this. I know it’s been a rough week for you all, and we really appreciate your efforts in getting through it all. So, a sincere thank you from me to you and the team for all the hard work this week.

Out of curiosity, has any consideration been given to extending the event by a small amount due to some of the troubles this week?

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Don’t tell you you expected anything less from CCP. I mean come on, they saw the VR wave before it hit!..

… … … … …

Actually they didn’t. For the entire final week the sites were bugged about 50% of the time for me. Tried using all manor of ships and tactics as one of the ISD’s implied it might be from the method (drones not drones ect)…but i was doing it droneless with my vindi and still got half of them bugged, and my bro was doing his with an ishtar…and also had about half of them bugged. Every Dev/ISD we interacted with about it could not reproduce it…filed soo many bug reports…but not like it does any real good anyway.

Then it hit TQ and was more than 50% bugged…don’t believe them when they say they didn’t know it would happen…because they did, they were told…but since it was ‘only’ the few dozen of us on SiSi that were trying the sites it apparently wasn’t a large enough base to be concerned about.

Your fix broke the sites in another way … double boss spawn.

BTW, is it intended to have advanced acc drop with almost same rate as standard?

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Thanks for jumping on the problems associated with the event and double thanks for keeping us updated. It’s definitely appreciated.

I like these event sites, the NPC’s are challenging without being super overpowered. They are warping in before I finish clearing out the field in my T3 Cruiser so they’re definitely keeping it active with no waiting / downtime.

I’ve only completed 4 of the sites and in the 2nd one I actually stayed there and continued killing the spawns for as long as I could. After I reached 258 rats destroyed, I got tired and killed the Boss rat, thus Ending The Endless Battle. Now that is a bit extreme and probably should have the spawns stop after a few dozen waves have entered the field. At the very least it will help stop the sites from being farmed for accelerators and boosters.

So far the loot drops I’ve gotten have been varied and random, which is great, don’t change that aspect. Now it may seem to some that quite a few accelerators and boosters are dropping but they are all varied and different so that aspect is great too. I also got a couple of the new BCS, some ship skins and some Apparel items as well as some Meta 1 mods and Metal Scraps. Last but certainly not least, the Naughty People Fireworks.


I just completed my 4th run in these sites and like Tipa Riot mentioned, the twin brother of the Boss rat does indeed warp into the site after all the other rats leave. Also I noticed that the egg counter isn’t updating now.

Other than those couple little issues, in my opinion the event sites are good. Thank you once again for taking the time to interact with us here in the forums and above all else, creating content for our enjoyment.


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