Winter nexus

Would love to participate in more than the highsec barely worth the time sites. but the second you step outside hs to low. you might as well give up except to the huge groups eve caters to exclusively 30 f-ing people to jump on your systrem you enter the lowsec sites if beyond stupidity . you make sites you cant complete with a ship that defend itself against pvpers then make it where they can swarm 30-or more whats the point of even making the damn event sites

You need to stay in Highsec where you are safe.

its not the fact its dangeorus its the fact its impossible to complete a site without people wanitng to do nothing but ruiin the event. if someone was pushing me off to take the site fine. but its not

if its not dangerous what are u crying about?

The literal impossibility to complete the site without 30+ people jumping you

…but that’s not dangerous, so what’s the problem??

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Then do it and don’t whine. If it’s too difficult for you then do the barely-worth-the-time sites and don’t complain about them.
What part of Player Versus Player don’t you understand? Your ship will blow up. Get used to it.

Believe me, devs has deliberately set it up that way. Because CCP is obsessed with destruction and MER stats, so for many years the most interesting loot during events has been in either lowsec or j-space, places where death can come suddenly and unexpectedly.

Therefore, trying to get valuable loot alone - i.e. not being in a group capable of dominating the system (at least for a while to grab event data sites or combat sites), or not having at least one alt toon to scout - is an extremely difficult task and therefore not worth the effort.

What if the interaction between players (the competition, the explosions and emergent content) is what the event is actually about and the sites are just there to accommodate that? Did you give that any thought?

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I haven’t tried farming this event, a couple looks were enough for me. However with low-sec, I’d imagine the usual situation applies: anything close to a hub or near a High/Low border will have hunters, campers and coyote packs.

If you want to try Low I’d recommend finding a backwater or more isolated pocket and trying there. You’ll spend more time jumping but less time dying.

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