The kill of the battleship in the event sites shall go to the player who started the site


Because it is absolutely not fair that I do 99% of the work, then some random dude in marauder warps in and gets the battleship.

No, going somewhere else does not help when the dude practically is all over the place, monopolizing every event site in a range of 10 jumps.

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Either make it so that the player which starts the event site gets the BS kill, guaranteed.

Or deny marauders access to the event sites.

Why don’t you just wardec him. Oh wait, carebears like you already caused this not to be option anymore…


My ability to enjoy the game and achieve my goals shouldn’t be subordinate to another player, who throws his weight around.

I should not find myself in a situation in which ‘I have to wait for them to leave’.

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Every kill mechanic is based on who gets the last shot iirc. Just make sure you are the one who blows the killing shot

Players like the one I’ve mentioned could simply pick any other site. They would not lose anything from doing so.
But no, they chose unsportsmanship, they chose to ruin it for others.

Nope, the BS kill goes to the one who deals the most damage to it.

I’m using a vagabond. Can’t compare to a marauder.

Why should New Eden be paralyzed by players who take forever to complete the sites leaving no new ones for others to complete?

You have many options:

  • Get a better high DPS fit
  • Move somewhere less populated
  • Pay gankers to destroy his marauder (90% drop event for them)
  • Gank his marauder yourself
  • Ask CCP Games to make High Sec more dangerous so you can take revenge in non-ganking ways

But of all these options you picked:

  • Complain on the forums

There’s zero chance CCP Games will see your post and implement the change you demand of them.


You don’t make a lot of sense, friend.
With all the systems there are, and the fact a system can host more sites at once, I don’t see ‘slow players’ paralyzing New Eden.

Indeed because there is a 90% loot chance I elected not to use a particularly expensive ship.

As I’ve mentioned, moving around is not an option when a marauder can swiftly clear any site in a wide range. And I’ve already gone to space with low population.

Why should I not be able to enjoy the game for someone’s else sake?

The ability of another player to subordinate your fun by throwing their weight around is the very most basic founding principle of EVE Online


And it doesn’t have to be like that in each and every respect.

There are moments for competition, and there are moments when you simply want to lay back and enjoy some casual content.

For sure. Content such as abyssal filaments are pretty free from other players.

This event is just not that kind of content but don’t worry, youll get through this I’m sure.

Mind me, I’m not wholle against competition.

I’d gladly go toe to toe with, say, a legion/loki/insert ship in the class of the one I’m using.

But it becomes maddening when you’re just forced to take a backseat, and being forced to forsake the activity you wanted to do in your free time.

Read it until it does, it is in plain English.

You can freeze up the marauder guy with an alt and go run sites with your main:

Grab an interceptor, go into the problematic person’s site, grab BS aggro, and just pick a direction and fly off at 5km/s…

…the final BS NPC will keep warping in and out to get within 20km of you, and you will drag it >1000km away from the Marauder. He’ll just sit there wasting his time. You can go run all the other sites in the constellation while he rages in Local.

I know because I did this to FRT guys who were trying to invade sites all over Heimatar. Called me “r*****d” in Local despite them sitting there doing nothing while I ran sites in other systems on my alt.


This is an annual event that has gone on for years without really changing. I can assure you with full confidence that it will remain a competitive spree in the future.

Whats the activity you want to do? Combat sites are everywhere and especially devoid of competition while this event is running. Or are you collecting skins which are being sold for pennies while the event is running?

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Solid advice. I would totally go for that… if I had a second account.

Collecting those 900 points to unlock the various skin.
And the Warclone thingies along the way.

Grab a devious friend.

Actually… I wonder how far I could boost with a vagabond, before the BS spawns.

No poors. :sunglasses:

Get marauder and rekt with 3k DPS vs the poor fit paraxis.

My golem DEMOLISHED last year during the Yulai event.