Stealing kills in the event combat sites

so I have been flying around hi-sec looking for these Guri combat sites for the past 4hrs. Got my first one, went in, nuked the first 2 waves, got onto the third, and some asshole sat watching, kills the boss and gets the loot. ok, move onto the next, find one, warp to the accelerator gate, 2 plays already entering, so as you do, you move onto the next one. found another not too far away, entered it, started the fight, all going good, last wave, nearly got the boss down, the two players from earlier, warped in, killed the boss and took the loot. since when did common courtesy leave the stage? wasted four hours for nothing. fine, in low and nul sec, its a free for all, thats why I stay in hi sec so I can get used to the game and maybe go run nul later on, but come on, stealing someones kill like that is just a dick move right? can’t we make it so that if you enter a site, only you can run it, unless your in a fleet, or in nul sec. come on, am I being a snowflake here? wtf?


Welcome to EvE


Common courtesy isn’t so common, high sec doesn’t stop people from committing, as you said, dick move.

I think the idea of making it essentially an instanced site once the first person warps in is swinging too far in the other direction. I’d rather see something like if you did a certain amount of damage, you get credit for the event points.

But I’d be surprised to see any changes, adapting instead will be more fruitful. Go off the beaten trail and it will happen less.

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…there is no common courtesy in High Sec. The only difference between Null sec and High sec is in Null you can shoot them without CONCORD intervening. Concord protects all equally, regardless of their behavior. So CONCORD tends to incentivize more asshole behavior in High Sec than anywhere else in the game: anywhere else, being a dick gets you blown up.


people who want to play the game in 100% safety should have a way of doing so. Hi-Sec should mean players are un-targetable, and sites should be locked to the first person to arrive. even if it means a perma chat ban to reduce the trash talk without consequence

having fun at the expense of someone else and forcing people to feel things they dont want to is just going to drive new/peaceful players from wanting to play with so many elitists in the community. its truly unfortunate that so many people are forced into playing lesser games in search of as much fun as EVE has to offer. even GTA has peaceful mode, and very few mmo’s allow PK outside of consented duels and PvP areas.


Conflict is the point of the most of the game, not the reward. It is by design. Rewards are conflict drivers to increase destruction, not give away free money.

There are multiple ways you can approach the problem. Learn to play. Use specialized ships and fittings to clear sites faster. Drag boss away from warp-ins. Find remote empty systems. Steal their cans, and kill them if they engage you. Find a corp and run sites with friends.

It’s not only event sites. They can also scan you down in “your” mission, and demand ransom for mission item, etc. They can scan you down anywhere in space, except abyssals.


This is called the test server and it is available today.

No, it shouldn’t.

No such thing. Just players with a weird hang up or unwillingness to get their hands dirty in a universe full of and fundamentally built on conflict. And a condescending moral superiority complex to go with it.


im allowed to love everything about this game that isnt PvP related, since its it merely my own opinion. for how i enjoy games, its the one blemish on an otherwise perfect game to have such an amazing progression system and time based tasks.
Assuming i think im better then you for not wanting to take advantage of others says more about you then me.

and im more then happy with just playing other games that dont have non-consensual PvP, im just lamenting that the game i have the most fun in is also the game that gives me the most frustration and anxiety when im playing games to relax.


Multiple characters posting for the first time in a PvP whine thread made during the lowest activity point of the day.

Why are you falling for this?


having an opinion and whining are not the same. i didnt have to be killed to have this opinion, we can want whatever we want, and like whatever we like. nothing wrong whatsoever with hoping that something gets changed allowing more people to have fun and buy plex. why do you think the store is full of crap and the price of Omega has gone up so much? just look at the playercount.

ive only been podded once in 12 years of Eve, and still wish pvp was consensual. has nothing todo with get gud.


I just woke up and haven’t had coffee. Thanks for pointing this out. :coffee:

Do you drink coffee? Or are you a tea kind of person.

Four Loko with an extra shot of well liquor in it. Any kind will do.

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Dang, now that’s a can of fun. The university I went to banned Four Loko precisely for this reason while I was a student. And yet somehow the drink was still available everywhere.

Had 3 of 5 site bosses stolen from me since the post went up. Because I refuse to try and run sites people are already doing, ill never be able to complete all the quests without resorting to blatant disrespect and elitism, or valuing my own enjoyment at the detriment of another human being’s, and having anxiety spikes and frustration buildup upon seeing another person.

thanks CCP for the years of enjoyment, but your community is toxic. the reason hi-sec isnt safe is because of them, not your development choices. you’ve created an amazing game but sadly its been taken over by childish bullies and people who exploit others for fun. consent is king. if bumping can get you banned, so should hi-sec ganks. just losing a single ship and some sec status isnt enough of a punishment to stop people from exploiting others.

there are many people who fight against the good for nothing’s, and hunt down the gankers or help new players and you all deserve the world. but you cant be everywhere at once. something needs to be done if you want everyone to enjoy the time spent in New Eden. not just the bullies, thieves and haters.

its truly unfortunate to have such an amazing space game held back by disrespect. i’m nearing the end of what i can personally handle from the community at large, and know many people who either have already quit, or are thinking seriously about never buying plex again. i’ve personally encouraged at least 25 people irl to play this game, and of those 25, im the only one of my personal friends who still puts up with the abuse for the content offered. ive even had a friend try and convince me NOT to play for how it sometimes makes me feel.

if not wanting to exploit others non-consensually is a ‘moral superiority complex’ as Io Koval puts it, then so be it. my opinion on how people should be treated doesn’t change. regardless of any factor. there is no reason to cater to people who would take anything from anyone. Virtually or otherwise.


Something needs to be done if you want everyone to enjoy the time spent in New Eden. not just the bullies, thieves and haters.

Please, stop verbally abusing people, who play the game in accordance with the rules of the game and the intent of the developers.


Those are hefty assumptions. If you snagged a boss out from under them, you would be giving them fun and a challenge and real competition. You would be making the game more enjoyable for them. Heck, sneaking away while swiping the loot and going suspect would make for an exhilarating story for you and for them. Who knows, it could take you on an adventure!

Sounds like MMOs are simply not for you then.

No, it is you being toxic. You’re avoiding playing the game and avoiding interacting with people who are playing the game. And then trying to tell everyone else they are wrong, toxic, and griefers.

Then don’t press „Undock“.

It can’t.

It’s not an „if“ at this point, you’re actively demonstrating it and pointing fingers at everyone else instead of accepting „survival of the fittest“ and taking it as a personal growth moment.


I was just harassed by a high-sec miner. I was minding my own business, protecting my alliance from toxic PvP aggression by an alliance nearly 1,000 times larger than our own…



…When this belligerent undesirable tried to grief me by launching Hammerhead I drones, and attempted to destroy my ship. At first I panicked, but then quickly regained my composure, and proceeded to defend my life and my property (the Amarr Empire is a “stand your ground” faction, so it was completely legal). Thankfully, I was able to repel the aggressor, though at a considerable cost to my psychological well-being and my rocket supply:

But just when I thought I was in the clear and could return to my alliance duties, the griefer sociopath opened a direct conversation. I’m providing it below, along with the necessary translation for those of you who don’t speak the Adidas tracksuit dialects:


Griefer Psycho: f___ing f____t
Griefer Psycho: f___ing rat
Cute Anime Girl: why?
Griefer Psycho: because you are a f_g
Cute Anime Girl: I like sex

He then left the chat. And just as soon as I was starting to recover from the whirlwind of emotions stirred up by this encounter, he decided that no, that was not enough, and he was going to strike again:


Griefer Psycho: f___ing f___er
Cute Anime Girl: ???
Griefer Psycho: rat
Cute Anime Girl: ???
Cute Anime Girl: this is America, you have to speak English
Cute Anime Girl: I killed your ship
Griefer Psycho: you f___ing f____t
Cute Anime Girl: your ship went boom-boom
Griefer Psycho: you’re f___ing finished, f____t
Cute Anime Girl: what is a “f____t”? I am 14 years old
Griefer Psycho: don’t f__k with me you f___ing freak, stop f___ing raping miners, you’re finished, rat
Cute Anime Girl: why?
Griefer Psycho: I’ll find you f___er and then you’re f____ed, scum
Cute Anime Girl: I want my mommy
Cute Anime Girl: don’t shoot me!
Cute Anime Girl: let’s be friends :slightly_smiling_face:
Griefer Psycho: go on a d__k (context note: it basically means “go f yourself”), little f___er
Cute Anime Girl: mother said going there is not allowed

All of this was extremely traumatic for me. I don’t understand why other players can be so hostile and toxic, when all I want is to just play the game and do my own thing. I’m going to have to go to therapy again after this. Just when I thought I was making good progress, too. The griefing is getting absolutely out of control. Why can’t CCP finally address this issue? That’s another -12 accounts for them. EVE is dying, and they aren’t even doing anything!


what a confused world we live in. people defending exploitation and bullying and calling being nice to others toxic. just proving my own point to me.

i’ve met many amazing people and made real friends through this game, and ive also encountered hate speech and trolling more often then not. i still enjoy playing as a peaceful player and interact with many peoples. contrary to the assumptions in this thread. we are all allowed to want different things from this game, regardless of what you or i enjoy doing in the game. anyone who takes enjoyment from harassing other people are scum. in any game. of all the MMO games i play that allow noob zone pvp and dont have safe zones (not many), the eve community has the most offenders. the only positive is that they are trapped playing eve all day long and less likely to be encountered in the real world. im not saying that i dont realize the entire game is PvP possible, im simply saying that i dont like it. QQ and get offended all you like, its how i feel about the game and those types of players. pvp should be regulated to PvP areas instead of it being the entire game universe imo. getting mad at an opinion is pointless.

saying that people steal and gank to create stories for the people ganked and stolen from is premium copium. never once has a direct convo with an offender ever gone without slurs and profanity. its not storytelling, its exploitation. the fact that its allowed isnt reason to behave that way. thats the biggest excuse ive ever heard. people need to grow up and treat other people with respect and dignity. just because you can force people out of playing the way they want, doesnt mean you should.


The combat sites in these events are designed to allow players to contest eachother. If people dont contest you in a site, that is a courtesy, not a right or something to expect/demand.

Usually it occurs a lot at the start of events, but as people clear the reward track, interest drops off and getting contested becomes less likely.

While it can be very frustrating, try reaching out and see if you can improve your ship, fitting or specific skills to acually win contests when they happen. It sucks when it happens but it can be a catalyst to grow and improve.


Yet still wrote a grandstanding moralizing wall of text, doubled down on insulting people, and continued propagating misinformation that the community at large knows to be false. :roll_eyes:

The guy already dismissed this suggestion when I made it, he’s more interested in a silo’d wall of single player content.

Introspection and self-reflection is an apparent weakness of his so he righteously pushes back and demands others do so rather than reflect on his own words and actions.

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