Revert the changes to t3 cruisers not being allowed in 3/10 and 4/10 ded sites

As the title of the thread claims. This is eve. Things ain’t fair and it shouldn’t be even in pve. There are already plenty of ship setups that run through these sites in a couple of minutes so it makes no sense to block out t3 cruisers.

Oh boo hoo, you can’t farm things even more effortlessly. What exactly is the problem here?

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Salt farmers are the most toxic people and the primary reason why the numbers of online players is nothing like it was several years ago. I hope you have fun while it lasts because people like you are the cancer killing the game.

No, the most toxic people in the game are whiny carebears like you who rage and cry endlessly if PvE farming isn’t completely effortless, risk-free, and as profitable as possible. So please, cry some more about how unfair it is that you can’t use a massively overpowered ship (relative to the intended difficulty level) to farm these sites and actually have to use a little skill or effort to win.

PS: EVE has gone soft on carebear trash like you. You would never have survived the old days, and the biggest thing killing the game is CCP pandering to people like you.


I never lost a ship to pvp on my old account and I had killed billions worth on it. You know why? The game ain’t that hard and it boils down to what you fit. Fights are determined the second you undock. And that’s the point. You work up to power to use it, not to be cockblocked because of some loser who refuses to work up to it as well.

Your argument is moot against me. The inequality produced by a power gap is actually a form of balance, but someone like you who can’t think outside the box would never realize that.

just keep it to yourself

All I’m hearing is you whining and crying about how you can’t use your T3 ship to effortlessly farm PvE content meant for lower-tier ships. If you want the payoff for your investment in a T3 ship then go run 5/10s, 6/10s, etc. Except you won’t, because challenge isn’t what you want. You feel entitled to have effortless farming, and you’re going to whine and cry until CCP gives it to you.


I didn’t whine and cry. I told it how it is. Also, on my old account I was soloing combat sites in class three wormholes and would even get jumped by small gangs. I still never lost the ship.

And yea, I train for power to make things easier. So what? That’s the point of getting into stronger ships.

Go to lowsec, you can run them in a t3 there. It’s only highsec you are blocked

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No. You can easily use battlecruisers and destroyers for this, this is eve, not wow, we do not do “easy mode” here

That’s why most pvp consists of gangs outnumbering their opponents and gate camps. That’s why people like CODE go after miners and high sec gankers go for people who ain’t fit to fight back. The meme you all prattle makes you look stupid lol. Also, don’t assume things about me. I use ships that out dps my loki for these sites and they never get touched. It’s STUPID and a change that provided nothing.

Seems like you are all good then.
But please tell us some more about how amazing you were on your old account…

Yeah definitely not. Infact, lets take t3 dessies out of 2/10’s.


Go and try it, not post a screenshot of a non CCP wiki.

lol people run sites in Gnosis and such all the time, as do i

You just want OP T3 cruisers so its on easy mode

Welcome to eve

Merry Christmas, Daichi! I’ve contracted you a PLEX! :slight_smile:


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It’s not so much about T3 cruisers being better at running the sites. It’s about them being better at running the sites while at the same time being able to scan better with ship bonuses for scanning etc.

I’m fine with the restrictions in HS. And this is coming from someone who has spent most of their eve career in some form of T3.

Boo hoo, you can’t have an overpowered ship that effortlessly does everything as well as possible and you might have to work to get your reward. Stop being lazy farmer trash and go take your precious T3 cruiser into a 5/10 instead.