Sorry but I have to tell this - T3s SC are pervs

So buying a 200,000,000 ISK ship just to sit for hours to shoot a 200,000 ISK ship? It’s like mining or something? Just the difference is the T3 doesn’t earn anything from that but the newbie looses relatively a lot because for him to earn ISK is much, much harder. Just tell me how much of fun is that for a T3?

P.S. The kill was so fast I couldn’t take any additional measures.
P.S.P.S. Often I get at least some chat or even advices from the ‘killers’ but this guy especial douchebag.

Huh. I’m somewhat confused but from what I gather, you were flying a tengu or some such and got blapped?

Welcome to EVE :smiley:


No. A tengu blapped him.


Ahh. It was a confusing post. I assumed the level of salt could only come from him losing a tengu.


@Gix_Firebrand , @Xeux yeah, no - I was flying a Heron over a festival explo event when a Loki blew me up because he was was waiting ‘under the Christmas Tree’. And that’s ok, it’s EVE. But I tried to communicate with him afterwards - you learn something from such things - but he just cancelled me

that salt came from the non-sporty behavior - blewing up it’s EVE. Being rude - it’s NOT

Sweet summer child. I remember back when everything in low sec was a T3 hunter with a cyno to a titan bridge on the other side.

T3’s have seen a pretty heavy reduction in use from their heyday.


Haha :smiley: I am just happy being a ‘summer child’ :smiley: It’s enough as it is even now :smiley:

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Wut. Yea it is.

Welcome to EVE :smiley:

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That’s some HOT welcome, ain’t it? :smiley: The explosion of my lil’ newbie ship :smiley: What about some adequate challenges for vets to keep them occupied ? Like, if you have a Tengu, there are 10 Tengus always following you? :smiley: That would be the right balance

Looks like a fair kill to me. For all they knew that Heron could have been stuffed to the gills with faction modules and sweet exploration loot. Explorers are always worth shooting.

Did they say something mean to you or just blast you and go on about their business?

Also, this seems like an inappropriate forum section for this.


What you need to understand is there are no “newbie” ships. Just different for ships for different roles.

Even a corvette can be dangerous.

As Syeed said, you could have been a loot pinata. I regularly blap herons hoping for some juicy stuff.

Welcome to EVE :smiley:


11 mills, including ship and fittings, seems to you like fair kill? For me it seems like a personal thing

That’s actually the issue - if there was a talk before it or after it I wouldn’t be pissed off. But to cancel communications? 99 pilots out of 100 talk to you - because ppl here are real nice. But still I don’t get it - sitting in an ambush for hours for such a cookie? How lowly it is? I say - 10 lokys following you for every Loky you buy, that’s the fair deal

‘Loot Pinata’ in a Heron? Please…
It’s a few, at the best tens of millions ISK - but the point is a newbie must have a starting chance too (someone please tell that to the devs please?). I have been blown up many times already - but every time I LEARNED SOMETHING from ppl who took me down, and that has more value than ISK and I am grateful for the experience. This one was different. It was dirty and ugly.

Some of the funniest and most expensive losses in Eve have been heron’s rammed full of someone’s entire BPO collection. Eve is a strange, strange place. Even Camelot is mild by compare.

Case in point:


Yes? You can loot 100s of millions in a heron? I’ve made upwards of almost 300 mil in a heron in a single go.

And now you learned that being blapped can be ugly. Where you went wrong is you engaged in the salt factory.

This thread is furthering your salt production. They ganked your dignity son. And the worst part? You gave it to them.

Reclaim it. Fit up, fly back out and get that money. Or don’t.

Either way, welcome to EVE :smiley:


So many seem to forget that every person who has ever played EvE also started the same…

Talking to people who blow you up to learn is a good idea and well done Ogeko - just remember, nobody owes you conversation or anything else.

Never complain about losing a ship.

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As said, there are no “newbie ships”. Explorers outside highsec will always be shot if they can be caught. Especially these days with the event running and event sites dropping higher valued loot. It’s hunting season.

As unarmed explorer you are playing the “prey” in the EvE food chain.

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Love your references to literature :heart_decoration: Eve is a strange place because of all nice people here (90% of them are) but some aspects of Eve still could be perfected and be even stranger :slight_smile:

Congrats! My biggest loot so far was 50 mills (only once so big) but then I ran like a mouse from one safe corner to another straight to Jita :smiley:

True, sadly I have to agree with this. Though it’s not about ‘dignity’ or a lost ship. With all other ships there is some balance to them - bigger ships are slower and the signature radiuses are bigger so you have your chance for a run, that’s why smaller ships are fast. You approach a gate, you know it could be trapped, you act accordingly but if get fried it’s fair-and-square. Even when NPCs spawn on you for ‘stealing’ loot, you have a chance because there is locking time, there is optimal range, etc. And I never ever managed to escape a T3 unless they wished you to get lost (that happens too)

I say, no cloaks in mission areas would add to the balance and fairness :stuck_out_tongue:

Noted! :slight_smile: Though I didn’t want that ship anyway :stuck_out_tongue: All I wanted to do is the Festival event - what I lost is the Festival mood :smiley:

Yes, and that is right. But most of EVE is balanced - battleships are not specifically chasing frigates for a number of reasons. But when that happens, there is a lesson to be learned. But this one particular area of cloaked T3s VS frigates I do not find educational. Yes, I learned a great number of things - thanks to all who talked afterwards - but nothing helped so far in such situations

Thank you for taking your time to reply! That’s what the EVE is about - you learn from nice people along the way and grow

First, like others have said, T1 exploration frigs can drop notable loot.

Second, it was less an issue of him sitting around just to kill cheap ships, and more of him looking to kill things, and you showing up at his doorstep. I mean, do you think you should get a free pass because you’re in a cheap ship?

Also, I don’t know exactly how your attempts to communicate with him went, but it’s possible that he could have ignored/blocked you because he suspected and incoming rant, and just decided to avoid it. Personally, I’ll hear what people have to say before deciding to check out. But I wouldn’t fault anyone for not even wanting to hear what they have to say. And that’s because some prey can be exceptionally toxic.