Dumb choices and bad breaks that have cost you your mission boat

This is probably not the best idea for a thread, but feel free to post away.

I’m guessing that PvE ship loss usually comes down to bad planning and/or inattentiveness. Sometimes it might be luck. Yesterday, I lost my first non-tutorial ship doing “Burning Down the Hive”. My Coercer was in the second room with all the scram and web drones, and when I first landed there, it seemed I could just burn to the acceleration gate and be off. Before any of the drones had begun locking me, I got up to scold my cats, and ten seconds later I’m back at my seat, Coercer already down to 50% armor and webbed to a standstill. Focus firing the scram drone did little when I could not pull range, and the repper was a joke to the incoming damage. Boom. 38 jumps and 10M later, I was back to get revenge, but even after finishing the room, I had to dock for repairs before completing the mission.

Moral of the story: let your cats misbehave.

If anyone else is feeling particularly silly after losing a mission ship to bad choices, I’d be happy to commiserate via internet.


My first mission loss what during Burning down the hive. I think that gets a lot of new pilots.

My second mission loss was due to falling into the standard “rush into a ship I’m not ready for”. I thought I could add some bling to make up for my lack of core skills.

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first mission boat loss was a caracal, versus … seekers in HS. Well just because you can kill rats in L2 does not mean you are ready to kill seekers. Ouch.

Second one was a worm in a ded5 in LS. first pockets were okay. Last one got one-shot by the cruise missiles. Seems like staying still makes you take a bit more damage :stuck_out_tongue:

I also lost the same ship to the same mission.
I remember asking for help in rookie help channel and they told me that I need to check my turret tracking point to take out those drones. And I told them I was doing the mission and my ship was on fire. And they were like, u supposed to check yerself BEFORE u rekt yerself. Not gonna lie, i cried as my ship goes down sploded into a ball of flames.

I almost went back there with another coercer before someone in rookie channel warned me about the last mission. Where i’ll need to have dps higher than 120 and also preferably not in amarr ship, coz dagan have resistant against lasor. I docked back, run my numbers, and went back in there with a cruiser. I have low SP at that time…

Ever since then i always asked in rookie help channel first i do any new content that i haven’t tried. Information is half of the battle… mmhmm…

First loss was a drake, there’s a lv3 storyline with 10 parts, and the 10th part has a bunch of battleships. I ctrl+f9ed and started taking screenshots of all the missiles hitting me. When I pulled my UI back up it was too late to warp out.

Second was a raven. Messed up aggro and got ECMed + pointed in the assault, a long slow annoying death as I couldn’t get a lock long enough to kill one of the ECM ships, or put drones on one of the pointing frigs.

Lost a bunch of various ships running burner missions, mostly due to not paying attention, and a few to disconnects. Big reason why I made all the cap stable setups.

and at some point I made a new character to try out the NPE and the SoE arc, lets just say I wasn’t really expecting much from that mission and got caught by the web/scram drones.

I was ninja salvaging someone’s level 4 mission (read: salvage, not looting) and he got so mad he shot me with his Rattlesnake and got CONCORDed.

I only expected to pick up some armor plates and fried circuitboards, made out with some deadspace lewtz.

Wow, that is a particularly stupid way to lose a Rattlesnake. I’m kinda surprised how salvaging a wreck that isn’t yours doesn’t give you a suspect timer, though.

Anyway, for bad breaks that cost me a mission ship, I’d have to go with this:

For the story behind it; I was sharing an escalation (Serpentis Hydroponics Site) with another player from the University who needed funds, only for us to realize we had bitten off more than we could chew after running into a pack of battleships. We warped out and I gave him the most expensive loot and salvage I’d collected, then repaired my ship and went back to get my MTU.

Upon warping in, I saw a Hecate waiting for me and my heart sank. There was no way I’d stand a chance against this guy, and it took all of fifteen seconds for him to blow up my ship. Sometimes I get curious about why I was ganked, and this was one of those times, so I decided to ask him why he did it over local.

After telling me to “go cry somewhere else” he said that his reason for doing it was because he didn’t like carebears, so he attacked anyone who did PvE.

I have to admit, the more I thought about it, the more it pissed me off. I could understand ganking me because he wanted what I was carrying, but he didn’t even loot my wreck or my MTU, he just blew me up out of pure spite.

I get that EvE is a sandbox and people will do whatever they want, but what the hell was up with that guy? Hating someone for doing PvE is like hating someone for doing PvP, or industry, or roleplaying. And where did he think that shiny Hecate he was flying came from, huh?

Ech…sorry, I’m ranting a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I know EvE is a game where anyone can do (nearly) anything to everyone else, and I love it to death, but when players behave are nasty and mean-spirited like that guy was it just ticks me off. Hell, even members of CODE. will tell you what you did wrong after ganking you and explain how to avoid it! (No, I’m not talking about mining permits, I’m talking about actual gameplay tactics like being pre-aligned, watching local, and constant d-scan.)

Lost to a 2 week old character…

CCP Saying it will never be pay to win… HA!

I looked at his character during a mission & thought this guys nutts, But nah hes a skill injected uber noob. What has my life come to… No biggy, I was never good at PvP anyhoo.

Well it was lowsec. Pirates will be pirates.

The first ship I took to a LS escalation was also a myrmidon. Luckily it was back when pirates honored their ransoms and I managed to get let go without being killed.

He wasn’t a pirate, he was just a griefer who hated people that did PvE. He didn’t loot my wreck or my MTU, as far as I can tell he just blew me up because he was a petty asshole who wanted to ruin the day of someone who played the game in a way he didn’t approve of.

I bet @Lucian_Lockard would be delighted to read that you still have strong emotions over this incident. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Still not the point. You were in lowsec. In lowsec you are either the hunter or the hunted. That is the nature of that space. If you enter it you have to decide which one you are and accept the fate that comes with it.

Probably. Maybe? Possibly? More likely he doesn’t even remember who I am, it’s not like I’m noteworthy for anything. Hell, he might even be annoyed at me for taking issue with his attitude.

I just don’t get that kind of mentality, you know? (Or why you find it so funny, TBH) I’ve been ganked before, but he’s the only one who’s actually pissed me off because of it. What causes someone to decide that other people don’t get to play the game a certain way? It makes no sense to me.

Then you should have been clearer about what you meant. Words mean things; pirates steal from others for their own benefit, which this guy clearly wasn’t doing. I take your advice nonetheless.

Didn’t say nor imply he remembers nor at all cares about you because as you wrote he probably do not remember or even care about you specifically. On the other hand as I wrote he still might find your salt delicious. :wink:

True enough.

[looks up his forum profile]

“Delete squid” he says. What’s that referring to?

Maybe it’s a term referring to a specific type of player like krabs, whales and so on… I guess?

Just checked the uniwiki glossary at https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/EVE_Lexicon#S according to that

Squids: Slightly derogatory name for Caldari Factional Warfare pilots. See also: Frogs.

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Ah, that explains it.

From killing carebear myrmidons it looks like

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Sorry for your loss… but:

  1. A Myrmidon can permatank any t3d forever, if fit correctly
  2. The Hecate is not blingy, trust me, that’s a 30m fit we use regularly
  3. You come into Lowsec, an active warzone, you should prepare to be attacked
  4. Eve Uni are super but don’t always give the prep talk they should and due to their large numbers, we’ve got them set to Orange and we’ll shoot them on sight.

Finally, why not try out faction warfare for a little while, we’d be happy to have you, to teach you pvp and how to defend yourself a little better with fits.

Fly reckless o7


Learn to fly a little PVP. It’s fun. You’ll never ask why we shoot on sight again.

Also, if you’re crying about someone clubbing baby seals, you might be the baby seal, lol