Roosterheads will be roosterheads

So goes to do a security mission its in low sec more like low life sec so its risky because a decent level to fight in somewhere safe is inconveniently a hundred years away. Anyway starts fighting things that sound like clingons then pow gameplay slows down and i think its a glitch the screen is cluttered with enemies so i don’t see another player decided to blow my head off from the back of me.
then later some rooster head justified it on his alt saying it wasn’t fit properly blah blah blah well what next CCP drains my wallet for this crap so jerks who can watch livestock being tortured on the internet and still eat meat be rooster heads because reality sucks so their psychological dispositions makes them spread their reality disease online. cannot think of anything more deplorable than looting players trying to get somewhere in a game that taxes in game currency just to make it more retarded. Why not challenge them when they’re out to fight you? dirty low life street thugs.

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Actually this is really bad fit. blah, blah blah.
Why do you decide to throw this topic into pvp section?

Wait… So you went in to low sec. And now you are angry because you lost a ship because you chose to leave highsec.

What exactly was the expectation here?

And why come to the forums to complain about it? You have been loosing ships in lowsec for a while now. Why is loosing your Drake suddenly a surprise? Join a corp so they can help you grow.


I don’t think it was a surprise, I think it’s one of these cases where someone regrets repeating the thing he died to earlier… with a ship costing ten times as much… has an angry moment, posts on the forum in blind rage.

He’ll either quit the game or look upon this moment a year from now, and laugh about the fact he once threw a tantrum on the forums. I did lots of dumb ■■■■ when I was new. It’s part of the learning process.

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May I ask where you’re from?
Your way with words is … intriguing.

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You CAN recover from this kind of loss. First, make sure you know how you want to fit your ships before you fly them. Maybe stick to Drakes and Caracals before taking out another Navy Drake. Second, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Only fly ships that you don’t mind losing too much. This is especially true in LowSec, where people with skill can hunt you extremely effectively. Third, make sure you know the basics of fitting ships. You fit Armor, Shield, and Hull repairs on that ship. Hull repairs are desd useless, and armor reps are bad on a Navy Drake, especially without a Damage Control. Also, make sure you use every mid slot available, compact things if you have to. Common mid layouts for that size of PvE ship are probably along the lines of;

Quad-LiF 50MN Microwarpdrive or similar (no T1, no T2)
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
X-Large Shield Booster II, faction, or even deadspace (blue)
Shield Boost Amplifier
Shield Boost Amplifier or Capacitor Module
Tracking Computer or Capacitor Module

Also make sure you know how to D-Scan and use Local Chat. Make sure you know how to spot real players on your overview. I enourage you to keep playing this game. You will eventually laugh out loud at your truly awful fit. You will get good, you will make loads of ISK, and you will even eventually become the hunter. I personally skipped PvE and went straight to lowsec solo PvP in frigates. Get back out there and kill some more pirates.
o7, best regards,
Rep. Nujenif Talvanen

It is interesting. Can you help me to do that stuff? I see that You know a lot about it. I have some questions about scan frigs.

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It’s missing mid slots AND has a hull repair module. It really is a bad fit. You should listen to the person.


When you jump lowsec there is a warning that pops up before you jump. It’s like a consent that when you jump low, your willing to lose you ship. pvp has different side. You have a Hunter, Brawler, and outsmarting the hunter and brawler if combat pvp is not your thing.

This is a pvp centric game. If you don’t want to get tackled, don’t step onto the grid iron. Go play tennis, or golf, or something.

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Solo lowsec frigates. Voila.

I want to see, how that firs work on your zkb.

My FW character is Flara Pediati. You’ll find nothing but year-old hauler losses from me.

I think that Teaching have to be based upon teachers own results.

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Listen, I killed a solo deadspace Astero with a no point Merlin worth 1/8 as much yesterday, including my cargo and implants. Teacher’s results, eh?

Message Flara Pediati in game and ask if she is Nujenif Talvanen if you have any doubts about my veracity. I of course will say yes.

theory and practice are quite different things.

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Look at the thread, look at the zKillboard. If you are not convinced that we are the same person, then just use my theory and her Killboard in tandem. I don’t care whether you think we are or not. Just read the thread and if you want to get into it, fine. If you don’t, also fine.
o7, fly safe!

Gankers fit are really that handy right.:slight_smile:

don’t waste some time trying to help this guy. If he doesn’ t try to follow your advices and does ot believe you, leave him alone. he seems to be the kind of man focusing on killboard. Does he know that sometimes losses on zkill acutally show that you are actively searching for fights and taking them?

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I know this guy and I’ve played with him before. I am 100% sure that nujenif talvanen and flara pediati is the same person. Listen to people if you want to learn more instead of arguing. You said you were curious about some stuff but I don’t think you seem very eager to learn right now, are you?