Ccp a company that dosnt know how thier game works

so lets start this rant about why the invasion is a master fail

1st its a loot based system in highsec

1a the players that “run” the content put a bunch of isk on the line to fly the sites and for logi and teamplay reasons cant really play with thier safeties on red else its just gonna end in a giant concord party

1b the robbers that basically take minimal risk can just scoop the loot and warp out and the scanvengers that just slavage everything have zero risk.

1c point 1a and 1b lead to the dudes doing the work not getting ■■■■ and in combination with the hs engagement rules lead to them not being able to defend themselfs against the bullshitery

2nd triglaviens

2a the triglavien ships are disconnected from the rest of the game because its basically desinged as a seperate unit hence the lp price being trashed in the first days, the only reason that the ships are getting used at thier price is that for t1 hulls or even compared to pirate ships they are just overpowered

2a kiki a t1 destroyer with 45km range over 1k dps that moves at 3300m/s, im not gonna even explain this shi7

2b iki drek and lesh each basically autowin any fight against thier respective counterparts

2c having one gun lets you overheat for alot longer time then with 4 guns so you can basically overheat seemingly forever and most ships only get one utility high and almost none get 2

3rd the nullsec fukery, “i mean state of nullsec”

3a the continual buffing of hs is the real reason why nullsec is so damn empty, so this is where the good old risk vs reward comes in, you want something you gotta do something for it and why should anyone ever leave the tutorial area when it contains everything you could ever need. the incursions just pay out for t2 ships citadels are available to everyone to get the bonuses… and theres no work invovled, no need to play the all to engaging “fozzysov”, no need to do home defense, why should anyone ever leave hs anymore?

3b the claim that nullsec is to safe. what some call safety others might call emergent gameplay. why do structures have damage caps and rorqs have panic? so the defenders have time to form up and fight! so its not inherently save, its policed by players. damn grr goons and thier home defense fleet, maybe you need to bring more then three guys to fight 3k.

3c why largescale warfare isnt a common thing. because theres no reason to fight whatsoever unless its for the fight itself but generally most of the players dont wanna see thier shi7 get blown up. ccps solutions is"ok fuk it, if the players dont blow thier shi7 up we send npcs to do it" what a masterwork the drifters are, an aktivity forced on players that has zero gameplay and in scale zero reward. just another chore to do.

3d so ok this didnt have the effect people wanted lets turn off local. wormholers sayed i dont have local and im fine with it on reddit. so if you dont know the full circle of gameplay that might sound crazy good but if you combine cloak with cynos and no local it just turns into an overwhelming clusterfuck. ok good goons going down this time, for sure… not like organisation cant solve this.

3d so i just need another alt to post on the gate. just like the drifters now killing players this only hits the small guys, the dude with a super pilot two faux pilots and a cynoalt isnt gonna care, but new players are just gonna get shafted again by this and just raise that entry to null even more. not just for players but small corps that wanna step up.


ccp just dosnt know wtf is going on anymore, grabing straws and throwing shi7 against the wall to see what sticks. people complain about lack of “content”, ok 2 day content explosion and that theres zero content. our newplayer return rate is zero, lets now kill the longtime player base. plexprices are two high because of inflation and farming, if we make people stop playing they dont care about the plex price. longterm players are staying invested because they like what theyve built up, destroy it so they wont continue playing…


fix the ■■■■■■■ plex price so people have to spend less time crabing, that gets boring fast enough.
if new players from the f2p come in they get hit in the face by one brick less.

work on the new player retention, give them a decent overview, the npc corps are ■■■■, maybe make somekind of better newplayer corp that teaches them something no tutorial is gonna teach them properly

stop buffing hs and work on dispursing that part of the population, more people out doing things in the content enable zone = more content, more content is more fun for everyone. more people having fun= more players staying

make reasons for people in null to fight, mittanis gonna have me kickt for this but make region specific things like ore for example… because right now the only things that are region specifc like drugs or bs bpcs dont really justify a war, this might also lead to trade, traderoutes can be attacked… that adds gameplay.

bring pve and pvp closer together, that way it teaches you how to fight and if youre out doing pve you might engage something or have a decent chance of fighting back.

balance ships, even if your new trig baby is getting nerfed thats not gonna hurt anybody. make battleships good, make marauders alot cheaper this way theres a bridge between caps and subcaps

xup if you want ccp to unfuk themselfs

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thanks, i just cut and pasted it in from word

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