CCP Totally Failed it's Hsec players

CCP has totally failed it’s Hi-sec players. The ganker gangs have completely taken over any system they want. 1st of all I know Hi-sec is not supposed to be 100% safe but in the past month that i have been back to EVE I’ve been ganked 3 times all in so called HIsec. The gangs boasting how they own hisec, all of it. And players are only allowed to mine “play the game” if they buy a permit from them. IT is not 1 gang or alliance. One chat channel Why was I Ganked is full of ganker gangs and gang alliances working together in general to gank miniers. To run miners out of the game as I’ve seen them tell player miners to either pay up or quit EVE This is HARASSMENT! They post their kills all day bragging about have they got another miner. I have played EVE on & off since 2009 and do love the game but it has only gotten worse over the years. You have failed in keeping any balance to it. You have let the gankers take over so much that the game is unplayable. I will not keep paying $40 a month {I run 2 accounts} just to be a target for gankers. They send 5-9 destroyers at 1 Hulk. Yes CCP blows them up but never in time to save the ship. The cost of 5-9 destroyers vs the cost of a miner they win + the loot they make off with. Seen in 1 post 79 gankers took down a transport load with loot for them. Unless CCP starts replacing loses due to it’s complete failure, or provide actual security to it’s so called High Sec. Personally I’m done, will not spend $1 more and no longer recommend Eve. Instead I feel that I should warn players that unless their goal is to be a ganker don’t play. I have played from 2009 and lost many ships all in a day of EVE but the state the game is in now is sad. Yes dangers in hisec should be there but not to the point it runs off players. Now if all eve wants out of hisec miners are targets for gangs fine if CCP provide the ships. In ending CCP has Failed in keeping ANY security and protecting players from unwanted PvP attacks and unless it starts replacing the loses due to it failure and break ganker gangs ownership of hi-sec no more money from me. I know 1 person is nothing to a company, but how many others has this caused to stop paying to play or outright quit the game. I know you won’t do anything well cause CCP not doing anything is how ganker got control over hisec to start. I also know the gankers will be oh another crybaby miner. Miners pay for their game time like anyone else and should not have someone else’s game play forced on them. Ruining the game play and costing them money.


Sorry to disappoint you, but you simply don’t tell the truth. I have multiple bases fully equipped with CorpHangars, Ships and Equipment for Mission Running, Abyssals and Mining to jump to them whenever I want to do something else besides my usual WH life. And in none of these systems Gankers are a regular problem. On very rare occasions someone blows up an MTU or some T3/Hecate/Nergal loot thief tries to suspect bait. But nobody has really tried to blow up one of my ships in years…(Events excluded or situations where I intentionally baited a gankcrew into attacking me to see them blown up for nothing). It really helps not to do stupid things, like flying a 5B blingmarauder 4j out of Jita or afk-Icemine in Halaima. Just settle in a godforsaken minmatar backwater system and you won’t see a ganker in months.


Excuse me. I’m looking for the wall of text thread.

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if your lucky enough not to have the same issue then good for you but to try and say someone else is not telling the truth is ignorance.


oh no i cant afk mine lol

i ve ganked highsec, i ve seen expensive ships with EMPTY midslots

i wont explain how, because as long as highsec people cant figure it out, we are gonna have easy kills

its up to you to improve and avoid ganks


Repetitive success isn’t luck. Learn how the gankers operate and counter their strategies, it’s pretty easy. And it’s part of a successful mining career. You don’t think the blood-diamond-corporations in Africa are just digging holes into the ground and leaving their machinery alone for some weeks without protection and expect to come back and just reap some profits, do you? You can rest assured they spend a LOT of attention and money to keep their operation safe. And thats exactly what you have to do if you want to mine in EVE online. Pay attention to your environment and make preparations against other people with evil plans.


Sweet goodness another OP who didn’t learn how to use paragraphs. Yet somehow has the ability to bash the game and the devs out of the blue like anyone even asked or cared about what happens in HS let alone the state of this game and its pixel spaceships.

Thread 1039403203 about why EVE is bad. Time to relax and get some popcorn. :popcorn:


Well you certainly live up to your name…

Eve is clearly not the game for you, so long, you probably won’t be missed.

Obligatory can I haz your stuff?


why is it that every time I leave there is some funny ■■■■ like this


A few tips:

  1. put known ganker groups on bad standing
  2. keep an eye on local (see tip 1)
  3. never afk (simply dock up if you have to go go go)
  1. and please, never put 1B worth of stuff into a 3M t1 hauler. It’s painful.

It’s your spanking for leaving, sir.
You can’t leave ! Evah !


wait, thats why he is complaining?


OP is complaining about 3 hisec losses since he came back in December last year.

He forgot EvE golden rule #8 before posting, yeah :smiley:


Bruh, if your going to move blueprints at least do it in a shuttle for f sake


Well, first of all, you’ve totally failed to make your post more readable with some paragraph structure and punctuation.

Second of all, you’ve been ganked because you’re flying valuable targets with virtually no tank in systems that are only a couple jumps away from Gank-Central hubs (Jita and Hek).

You’re cutting your wrists and jumping into a shark tank. You’re walking through Hell’s Kitchen while waving a fat bankroll in the air. You’re wandering into a dopers den while holding an open bag of Cheetos. Of course you’re gonna get mugged and shredded.

Stop painting a bullseye on yourself and maybe look up a few of the “How to Not Be a Giant Obvious Target” guides.


I have the perfect solution for you: If you don’t want to be ganked operate in Losec :smiley:


totaly ? no absolutley not ! a little bit … yes ! but the failed at some point in every space so … in general no !

no absolutley not xD dont know which eve youre playing but i dont see gankers in all HS systems xD

lets see why you are failed …

Bestower | Notjedi | Killmail | zKillboard - oh i see xD this is YOUR fault !

Hulk | Notjedi | Killmail | zKillboard - aha … why didnt you warp away ? oO → absoltley your fault !

Hulk | Notjedi | Killmail | zKillboard + Capsule | Notjedi | Killmail | zKillboard - i wonder why where not even able to warp your pod oO nobody can be tackle a pod in HS before you can go into warp … so it looks like youre afk … → YOUR FAULT !

i´m wondering if you could understand why all 3 losses are your fault ?

and only they say so you believe them ? oO Oo oO Oo maybe i should look for you and scam you because you believe what other ppl say and dont know anything else …

and i´m asking completly unironical → did you have bought a permit ?

of course not … its also not only 1 alliance with HS wars or 1 alliance in nullsec or something else …

this is no secret oO

yes it is … you could just ignore it xD but you chose to be a victim and allow yourself to be harassed …

yes and thats their goddam right to do so oO if you dont wanna be one of this killmails stop being lazy and lern how the game works oO

played since 2009 … and you still cry about losing your stuff against gankers because you never understand game mechanics ? oO
and no … its not getting worse ! ppl getting lazier thats the problem … ! everybody wants everything for free or almost super cheap and with almost no effort … ! you seems exactly like one of them !

there is massive lack of balancing but not at the part of ganking xD why ? because its super cheap and easy to avoid ganking xD

the game is unplayable ? i wonder why so much ppl can play in peace without getting ganked in hs :wink: only ppl like you thinking the game is unplayable because youre just want everything for free …

you dont need to pay $40 a month to be a target xD but … at first you need to understand how easy it is to avoid ganking :wink:

5-9 destroyer is the real shame … i can remember that there was a time where you could gank a hulk with 1-2 destroyer … so tell me once again CCP dont balance the game ! they are pushed your heavy loved hulks so much that they need now 5-9 destroyer to kill you !

no … its not worth to kill a hulk if its just T2 fittet ! they dont have + on their wallet after ! you only see the worth of your ship and yes … this is why youre getting a target :wink:

and now ? where is the problem ? if ganker need 79 dudes to kill ONE freighter its good for all victims ! this means that CCP have buffed you or nerfed ganking … be happy !

why should CCP reimburse your lazyness ? oO youre losing stuff because youre doing stupid decisions oO and you want that CCP reimburse you ? lol …
and CCP dont provide anything ! you can be happy that CONCORD still exist and kills all attacker ships after they are finished !

bye … can i have your stuff … oh wait i forgot xD that was blown up …

you warn nobody xD your just crying because you cant be lazy without any consequenzes ! go play an singleplayer game where nobody can hurt you ! youre not able to play multiplayers because every action against you is unfair ( in your eyes )

ganking is the only danger in HS oO you want to ban ganking so tell me what danger should be exist in HS ? oO
btw … you ruin yourself ! nobody else has the ability to do this !

they do a lot for your safety but at the end they cant fix your lazyness xD and if your not able to do the easiest things to be safe then its not CCP´s fault ! its just yours !

CCP never reimburse losses for correct and legal PvP !

not only the gankers xD ppl like me aswell … we only see you as a cryhard try to explain why everthing is bad and youre not able to play ! … i´m telling you again → your not able to play because YOUR lazyness !

gankers pay for this game aswell oO
and nobody force you to any playstytle Oo you still can mine in peace as long as you want … but if your still lazy and dont know this game then you will be ganked again ! and its sooooo super easy to avoid ganking … and this fact makes you a real cryhard !

they cost you money ? oO tell me how they are able to force you to pay money ? thats a secret i need to know because i can do the same !

all at all … your a failer … your a lazy failer so nobody will cry if you stop playing !
youre playing since 2009 and still have no clue about this game makes you a completly ignorant and lerning restant cryhard !


Not necessarily.
That last kill I got in a Venture, I waited to get podded so I would be transported back home rapidly. I don’t use implants yet so I prefer to be sent home expressly :grin:

That’s not CCP’s failure, it’s the community’s.

Well, no, it’s extortion.

Look, there’s ways to avoid these things in-game. I did on this character for like half a decade on and off, but you can’t avoid death forever. I think at the end of the day most players that play that way are trying to goad you into moving into more dangerous places, but they’re not going about it in a very effective way. That’s on the community, not the developers. You, me, the people that post their killboards all day, all of us. We’re collectively responsible.

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Actually paying makes you more of a target.

Use a venture ?

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