CCP Totally Failed it's Hsec players

Yeah, this. Do not EVER pay them. They’ll just kill you anyway.

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I feel like posts whinging about getting suicide ganked should be instalocked unless the poster shares the number of jumps between the gank location and Jita.

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Who said anything about BP?

Zkill did. You know we can all see your losses and can infer how you materially contributed to them, right?

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Is this going to be another one of those threads where the well-meaning veterans of the community come together to try to teach a prey animal to not be a prey animal?

If you can’t use normal paragraphs what are the chances you also can’t EVE?


Why not? It’d probably do this place a lot of good if people consoled their meat after it’s tenderized. Might turn it into some muscle.

Taking Ore from an Asteroid belt is considered PvP as you’re taking advantage of your ship to complete on the market.
Others see that as an opportunity to prevent your ship from completing.

Plain and simple and effective as they seem they do not control every high sec system.


No, not this one. This one’s just for consumption.

Eh, give him some time to cook. If he came here to complain and actually reads what other people say there’s more hope for him than people that bail on day three because they overinvested and lost everything.


This is the antithesis to the core of Eve Online. If you don’t like it then you’re probably playing the wrong game.


I always found naked clones to be liberating. Pod express…15 jumps back to home/med station…in seconds flat.

C’mon dudes lock and drop me! I got places to be be!


I kinda hate to admit it but yeah this is basically the truth. All those minerals you’re mining? You’re selling them to other people and they enter a market system. In theory some of the minerals a miner is selling are making it cheaper for people to go out and gank the miner. You’re already engaging in their gameplay even if you’re not doing it directly.

I could. Maybe mine heimatar for now.

Pirates tend to clean out HMA a little. they tended to scatter when I was in angels and insurgency reached hi sec.

And unless one wanders into an angle plex, or are in minmatar fw, one is mostly safe from the the 20 algos’ flown by 2 people lol. Some of those dudes will fleet warp out with like 2 wt’s landing lol.

Mistake #1 - Living in Hi Sec
Mistake #2 - Mining


Indeed, your frustrations with the high-security (Hi-Sec) areas of EVE Online are heard, yet it is paramount to recall the foundational ethos of New Eden. EVE is a sandbox MMORPG, renowned for its intricate player-driven economy, alliances, and the overarching freedom it offers, including the inevitability of player versus player (PvP) interactions. The moment you undock, you embrace the implicit consent to the multifaceted nature of this universe, PvP included.

While the experiences you’ve described—being targeted by ganker gangs and the imposition of “permits” for mining—highlight the harsh realities of EVE’s deep and sometimes unforgiving space, they also underscore the game’s core principle: freedom to choose how one interacts with the world and its inhabitants. This freedom extends to both the hunter and the hunted.

EVE’s design encourages players to adapt, form alliances, and develop strategies to navigate and mitigate risks, including the threat of ganks in Hi-Sec zones. The game’s community and CCP have provided myriad resources, guides, and strategies to protect oneself, such as flying in less conspicuous ships, joining player corporations that offer protection, or leveraging game mechanics to one’s advantage.

The discourse around loss, risk, and the dynamics of power within EVE is longstanding. It fuels the narrative of New Eden, contributing to its vibrant, if sometimes daunting, tapestry. CCP’s role, in this context, is to maintain balance and introduce mechanisms that allow for a wide range of playstyles, rather than to shield players from the inherent risks of space.

Your grievances, while valid from your perspective, are part of a larger dialogue about the nature of risk and reward in EVE. The community is diverse, with many players thriving in the very conditions you find objectionable. They see these challenges not as insurmountable obstacles but as opportunities for growth, adaptation, and perhaps most importantly, for the stories that will be told of their endeavors.

In closing, while your sentiment of frustration is understood, the essence of EVE Online resides in its unyielding commitment to player freedom and the consequential nature of its universe. The call to “Calm Down, Miner” is less a dismissal of your concerns and more an invitation to embrace the complex beauty of EVE’s sandbox, where every action, every decision, and every loss shapes the legacy of New Eden.


I personally try to guide them to the light. MIssile pve. Its almost like mining. I came to except in time guns are better lol.

It even copies mining crystals. 4 damage types…think of explosive missiles for angels as mining crystal X.

Tengu can run level 4. Slow as hell for full clear (t3c is more for blitz as most know lol), but that would be the full mining experience they seek.

Other missile t3c can too, ofc. I’ve grown to like my missile loki experiments on an alt.

Question: do you really think the OP cares about them purdy words and eloquent prose of yours?

What exactly did you think was going to happen when you wrote that? That he’d go “a ha! I understand now! thank you for setting me upon the path of enlightenment, my good friend!”?

All he wants is for gankers to get hit by a truck IRL and that isn’t going to change any time soon.


Sometimes when you talk to someone in an understanding, levelheaded, and rational manner they think it over for a few days. Doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot.


Gankers ruin every game when devs tolerate them.