Why do people dislike people who gank

I my self can say that I have been on both sides but why do people dislike it if we did not have PvP we would have a economic disaster of were even gas would probably cost 30 isk per each and Titans would cost only like 40 mill so why are they complaining i should know to some extent. I all most went to war

Who cares about 4 month old posts.

Who cares about reddit.

Who cares about 4 month old posts on reddit?


true true

ganking is a SKILL-LESS activity to ruin someone’s day and make you feel better about your self that you a grown ass adult can steal candy from a baby.

real men do faction war / corp war. (ganking may still occur but it’s fair game in WAR)


I think that the reason why ganking is so hated, is that some people have the expectation that high sec space is safe sec space, where they don’t need to take into account that they may be attacked. So they fit ships for maximum profit. The fact that others may exploit your weak fit for their profit feels like, well, exploitation.

Often the victims of ganking were not aware of their vulnerability and so were not taking the steps to defend themselves. They may not know how to defend themselves, but from what I have read many don’t think that they should have to defend themselves, and again felt exploited, because they thought that high sec space was safe sec space.

The misunderstanding that some people have that high security space equals safe security leads to resentment for those who push the boundaries of the rules and perform suicide ganks.


Similar to what T.E. said, it is because the “victims” are embarrassed and ashamed of what they were doing - usually some form of shameful PvE. It is like having somebody walk in on you while you are perusing erotica.

The second issue is that they want to believe that they are an elite player (with an elite participation trophy). When another player comes along and blows them up, it shatters their ego. They have a few choices at that point, obviously. Many (most?) people choose to continue to believe they are elite and that any apparent underperformance on their part is somehow the fault of the other player. You can recognize this when the victim puffs out their chest and says that ganking doesn’t even count - it is only xyz gameplay that is real EVE.


Me who tries to kill them after that

This is a pve fit ^

This is a pvp fit maybe ^


ganking requires more skill than pointing a ship with a crap fitting to a stargate and pressing warp.

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Heh. Someone gets confused between vidya games and reality huh?


Maybe it was a sort of self-admitting mental age, which considering all the cry baby threads popping up on a daily basis seems pretty accurate. :smirk: :blush:


Ganking is just a challenge you set to yourself.

This is true, the ganker will feel better about herself/himself, but it is because it is very challenging and achieving the goal is rewarding.

The carebears are all scary and a threat, they will all syphon that ISK to their alts, skill injectors, Omega, warships, wars… they have to be dealt with and they will only bring problems through their alts and market wars.

You contradicted yourself there, so is ganking assymetrical war or baby griefing?
Ganking is just a sport, ganking is just assymetrical war EVEwise, it is an EVE job… no development company can create such an AI that replaces humans in being pirates.

That’s what my mining friends said to me, they had no idea people could be attacked in highsec.

Very true, then showing everybody that kill report is just like taking a picture of a dude walking in downtown while having panties.

Definitely, ganking has a wide range of skills and game knowledge.


Gankers are hated because those who get ganked are lazy and don’t want to do what is required in order to avoid being ganked in the first place…


I think they hate themselves for being lazy and uncaring but have not the courage to admit it so they put the blame on the gankers and hate them instead, that’s easier and more convenient and they can maintain the mental image of not making a mistake, it is always someone else’s fault but their own. :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Don’t kink shame me…

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My EVE skillset begs to disagree. I have spent both time and skill points in creating characters suited to the Sport of Kings and Princesses (ganking).

If having your ship blown up in a game about blowing up spaceships ruins your day (James 315 paraphrased), then it is you who needs the psychological ‘lift’, not I.

A baby with access to weapons, intelligence, allies, interventionist mechanics…

The gank target may consider himself to be a mature, responsible, hapless gank victim, but if his reaction to the threat of obliteration is to call on his Daddy in Reykjavik, then he is still rooted in the behaviours proper to Infancy.


reddit is more active and bigger then this forum

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You say that like any of those are reasons to care.


it is

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Thanks for confirming, then.

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