Gank Related Megathread Pt. 2

10^273 years from now, aeons after the last supermassive black hole has evaporated from Hawking radiation and the universe is just a trillionth of a degree above thermal equilibrium…the very last post of the then Quantumly Entangled Many-Worlds-Mega-Sooper-Hyper-Ultra-Mega-Mega Gankthread will use up the very last Planck unit of energy with the word ‘Nope’.

What? Wasn’t it @Shipwreck_Jones ?

Or was there another thread?

I’m surprised [Redacted] and [insert pronoun here] sock puppet alts hasn’t already shown up with [insert pronoun here] personal crusade to remove pvp from the game.

I’m sure [insert pronoun here] will be here soon. In the mean time, I’ll get some :popcorn: made cause I already know where this thread is going.



Please harden that statement with some arguments. Basically everyone I met in this game told me that every player needs some source of reliable income to fund all these shiny ships and modules to field or goals to reach, whatever they may be. Because unless you throw real dollars/euros at the game or feed of the assets of some blob alliance, you somehow have to buy your stuff from the market. Maybe u just confuse “reliable” with “100% safe”. But thats your mistake, not mine.

Thats simply wrong, I am always willing to learn and listen to good arguments. Unfortunately that requires that the other guy actually has arguments and that these arguments are indeed good ones. Which is quite rare.

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I dont have any wish to argue tbh.

Its a clear split that exists between the players of EvE;

Some people think that you should have a solid income stream, like in RL, to support the making of more isk.

Other people believe the goal in the game is to survive and have adventures and that reliable income is anathema to that game goal, to the point that reliable income streams badly affect the market and the ecosystem of the players you encounter.

I understand the goal of the first group, but few in that group understand the motivations of those of us in the second.

Does that make it clearer why I object to a totally safe way to make billions?

And I didnt even use the word krab once.

Ok, I didnt use it twice.


another thread more so on why people hate ganking
it got closed but Why do people dislike people who gank

Here’s the truly absurd thing…

Of the 85 Ventures destroyed so far today…only one was destroyed by a ganker in highsec. Huge numbers of Ventures, barges, haulers, etc, get destroyed in lowsec and null every day. Well over 97% of all the attacks on such ships occur in low and nullsec, and a significant portion of those are done by NPCs. Indeed, even in highsec, most such kills are by NPCs and not gankers.

Large areas of space are utter carnage…defenceless Ventures zapped by a single frigate with not even Concord coming to the rescue. Somehow this vast 97% bulk of carnage is just fine and dandy with the carebears…likely because they are too scared to ever visit low or null…yet they cry their eyes out over the tiny fraction of PvP that occurs in highsec.

Never mind that it takes half a dozen destroyers in highsec to destroy the barge that a single destroyer in lowsec could destroy. Never mind that Concord will show up and zap the destroyers in highsec and the gankers have a race against time…whereas in low and null they have all the time in the world to kill with a single frigate. Never mind that every facet of simply paying attention in highsec will 99 times out of 100 spare you ever encountering a gank fleet. No…the minute fraction of PvP that occurs in highsec is somehow grossly unfair to entitled carebears who think the sole purpose of Eve is to AFK mine without any hassle while watching Netflix, and who will never ever go to low or null and actually see what real carnage is.

And CCP are gonna alter the entire game for these people ?



Remember, it’s not about the challenge, or the dystopic universe where no one is safe anymore.

It’s about pandering to the lowest denominator in hopes that it might bring in revenue.

The old eve, the eve that made eve the amazing game it was, is slowly being wittled away by entitled crybears that, for the most part, don’t even pay for subscriptions.

Gotta pander to that, double skinny caramel machatto with 4 pumps of caramel, 2 pumps of vanilla, made with certified duty free oat milk, with no foam but double whip. And if one thing is wrong they throw a temper tantrum and throw the nasty concoction on thr barista, crowd


I think I get what you mean. Yet, nobody asked for a “totally safe” way. Isn’t EVE this huge sandbox for players to cooperate to reach whatever goal they share?
Some players cooperate to gank others, I don’t see that as evil. Its a sandbox, shall they go for it. Whatever they can kill is well deserved, good luck. However, all the claims they do it for a “healthy market” or “for the economy” is just utter ■■■■■■■■. They do it because they want to do it, they enjoy the tears and the loot they get from it and thats fine.

Some others cooperate to secure their Mining Operations, their Abyssal Runners, their Missionrunners, their Ratters… I see nothing wrong with that either. Isn’t that the argument all the time: “The Carebears are too lazy to take any preparations, so they deserve to die!”? Now someone actually DOES some preparations and suddenly its evil? Don’t get that logic. Carebears are not entitled to have 100% safety, yes. But gankers aren’t entitled to have 100% succes either. They have all the freedom in the world to try to circumvent all these protection ideas, go for it.

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Regardless of whether it was asked for, this is being presented as such, and is not the only effectively safe way to gain a steady income either. And people dont seem to have any problem doing thse things either, so whether they asked for it or not, they are certainly wiling to take advantage of it.

You dont need my permission to hold an opinion. But I entirely disagree. The isk goes somewhere, regardless of your feelies on gankers.

Witht he exception of Absyssal runners no one mentioned those. Mostly because those things happen in public space. Or in Null where they may as well be abyssal.

Because Abyssals are signifiugantly different to all other playstyles.

No one said they were. But they are entitled to a success rate above zero, like all players in their chosen profession.

proposal :

loot drop % for capsuleers is based on system ss : chance=min(0.5, 1-ss)

  • in jita, with ss = 0.946 the % would be 5.4%
  • uedama with 0.505 => 49.95% (almost no change)
  • lower than .5 ss it’s 50%

Well whats your solution to achieve extremely expensive goals in EVE without having any source of income that generate large amounts of ISK in a reasonable timeframe?

Whats wrong with the ISK going somewhere? They buying stuff for it, rewarding those who produce this stuff. Fine thing for me.

Whats the difference in your opinion? You can find an Abyssalrunner like you can find a Missionrunner, just with different tools. It is more effort to catch one, yes, but on average they are also much more valuable targets (at least if you aim for T5/6 runners). And what has Null to do with it all?

Well, I personally don’t like abyssals at all, imho they are broken OP and should be reworked or removed completely. We might agree on that. But thats CCPs decision. The coming changes to SecStatus Requirements for opening them are at least a step into the right direction. But as long as they are in the game, I see any cooperation around them as benefit for the game at all, because the game lives from cooperation, common goals and building relations.

They still have, no matter what kind of protection system someone invents. It might just be quite some effort. The only thing that ensures a 0% change would be a mechanical change by CCP that makes ganking Abyssalrunners de-facto impossible.

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Still doesn’t stop the hate mail.


To which I sent him a retribution kill and told him I hope it satisfies his conditions of “real enemy”.

But you did kill a real enemy. He was in your space. He wasn’t blue to you. Neutrals are enemies.

Also, nice retro kill with that kessy!



Im not following your thought here. I thought you were attempting to make the point that ganking didnt affect the market?

None, I thought that was implicit in the phrasing I used.

Thats where people go to spam abyssals in safety.

We do agree on that. Thats my bottom line.

But you arent going to have less people running them by making them even safer.

Which is not what Githany is saying they have perfected, hence my objection in the first place.

Can I ask you a question; do you feel PvE people are in competition with each other in EvE?

For the most part, I just try to reason with the ganker or just ask them if they would leave me alone for isk.

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See you have a great attitude. If the guy had your attitude I’d have given him ISK and told him some lowsec mining tips because the guy was mining one of — if not the absolute — worst ores in low. He could have been at moon mining levels of money making instead, without needing a moon.

what was he mining?


hmm okay, I do know that at one point raw ore in kor-azor would sell for almost 600 isk per so that might be why. But yeah any other ore out there is better