Gank Related Megathread Pt. 2

Lets attempt this again…

This post is being created to lump together the conversations about Ganking, gank nerfs, questions, concerns, and complaints. There are usually multiple new threads regarding ganks weekly, if not daily. Gets old seeing it so as toxic as it may be, collecting the assorted posts into one helps keep the forums less cluttered with 20 of the same posts.

I am aware of a previous post along the same lines that was closed. If opening this post would be against any rules, please delete.

Lastly, stay on topic, try not to troll, and be respectful.


Why do we need this?

I made the last one :slight_smile:

One thread to rule them all.

3 threads were given to the amarr
7 were given to the mintar
9 were given to the capsulars who would surely die
One thread to rule them all
one to bind them in trolling.

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To be honest, id rather us not need it at all. It just gets really old seeing thread after thread day after day on ganking. Regardless of soneones stance on it, having effectively the same thing said repeatedly over multiple threads is ridiculous.

The last Megathread did its job of keeping the spam down before its closure. Im simply hoping that this does the same. If it becomes a problem I’ll have it closed.

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People who make those threads dont care about posting in a megathread.

Why post in a megathread and have your voice be one of a thousand, burried deep in hundreds of posts, when you could make a post yourself and have your post be at the very top?


Valid point. I was simply trying to allow for some forum cleanup. For the more regular forum people, would you say this is not a needec topic?

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Wasnt the last one locked for trolling? I feel like this one will as well.

I wouldnt surprise me in the least if it did end up being more trolling than anything. And i believe it was locked due to straying off topic and a poll requesting its closure.

We don’t need another garbage thread to nowhere.


This again, and again, and again, and again …

Well, maybe not needed but good as a trashbin for the moderators to merge any other discussion about the same topic into. Else we have closed topics and the noob who opened it will complain frustrated why he can’t make a topic about it because he don’t understand this endless circle of arguing going on here.

Also it will be a lot of fun and popcorn. Some can roleplay, others can split hairs, some can troll and some may even talk to their own alts. Isnt that what keeps us at the boards? I say: give it a go! :popcorn:

I’ll start off with some anti-gank game play, we have worked out a way of keeping Abyssal runs safe even with the new patch coming.

Just shows there are always work around in eve, looking forward to a test when it’s live.

Unfortunately you do need a small group of player to make it work so not a solo thing, well saying that the act of abyss is solo but you still work as a team, if you get my meaning

Thats why Im against starting a new one.

Why would you want to do that? I get your anti ganking play, but this just sounds like you want to help evil.

Why is it evil to create a project hat uses cooperation of many players to secure a reliable source of income for them? Not every Abyssalrunner is a MultiboxGilaBot.

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Because ganking still wasn’t removed from game!!!

Reliable sources of income is whats wrong with it.

Im sorry that you dont want to understand why.

There always is. And this is already doable to make it 100% safe without any changes with just single alt.