Ganker on Ganker Violence

I noticed this peculiar killmail, is this some kind of rivals on the “ganking” scene?

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Yawn. Alt post for drama.

Oh how I miss the old CP…

I’m certainly not an alt account, but thanks for replying!
It would have been a better reply if you had added something of value, but hey maybe thats too much to ask from you.

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Uh huh.

Sure you aren’t.

This just happens to be your first ever post on the forums, and on this topic?


Oh missing the old C/P strange that you seemed unactive during the good old days, can’t even find a post from you. You seem like the type of stupid person thats it’s best to ignore. Now go and try to be relevant somewhere else because you are of no use in this thread.

Gankers gank.

:surprised pikachu:

" is this some kind of rivals on the “ganking” scene?" nope i just ganked gila in t5 electric abyss =)
I dont care of alliance or corp. I see blingy - i shoot it.

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Don Pickle: Calm down salty Snuggle miner.

Draykonus Promathine is not a ganker. A ganker does not fly a 2.3 bil ISK Gila.


Heh I started this game in 06 bruv.

Unsure if I posted back then, but I read the forums quite a bit. I was less vocal as a noob cause I followed the CP rule of posting with your main :smiley:

You would know that if you were an oldie hm? Interesting that you claim to play all this time yet this is the first post by this char…

Wtf is a Don Pickle, it’s supposed to be Don’s Pickle. Then you might almost be relevant.

Side note, I’d shoot that too.


I’d have to give this post a woof for lack of content. :dog:

@Cliff_Ozuwara This was what I wanted to know, thank you !.

A little disappointing but still funny that gankers gank gankers, its something I have been missing in this game.

@Don_Purple we all know that Don’s Pickle is to big to fit as a username …

@Bradford_Clear Sorry to disappoint, I was only looking for some info on the subject,

@Sargon_Of_Amerish We all know James315 will never die, he is still in the game in more ways than spiritual.

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What were you trying to gank with your Gila?

Rats eat their own if they get fat and easy enough to consume

Well, his killboard shows he is ganking, so he is a ganker, just not a very good ganker.

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How so? It makes sense for that kind of payday.

He’s too busy carrying water for his “princess”. Besides, why give up on a wining strategy?

*It’s hard to carry a book, water AND a pitchfork. :trident:

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What a Salty miner.