Why do people dislike people who gank

its not about the size its about the pleasure that it gives

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Every game has a vermin class. In EVE it’s suicide gankers.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Some real girls do too, and do some very good ganking as well…

On another note: a “High Priestess”, a “Count”, a “Doctor”, all saying the same stuff :thinking: . To complete the pattern please bring the “Duke”, the “Imperatrice” and “Mother Superior” :rofl:


People (rightfully) dislike ganker scumbags because all they do is club baby seals without skill or reason, instead of going to null-sec where all the elite warriors live to do REAL PVP with them. Pathetic…


I think war deckers are dumb and waste valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere like Faction Wars.



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There are some people who believe that Eve is only a PvP game when they choose to participate in it and that Eve was meant to accommodate a PvE only “play style” citing that if it doesn’t let them do what they want it isn’t really a sandbox. Ordinarily, being ganked would prove this not to be the case, but it is like Provost Zakharov said:

“Mankind’s unfailing capacity to believe what he prefers to be true rather than what the evidence suggests is likely and possible has always astounded me and in spite of mountains of evidence to the contrary, he will pin all his hopes on the slimmest of doubts.”

To forsake the truth for a fantasy of one’s own making requires the abandonment of reason, and being angry certainly helps with that. It’s a simple thing to do as well when a person can incite themself to anger at anyone who does not conform to the fantasy they created.


Speaking of FW…

A few days ago I went to the Amarr/Minmatar low-sec in the FW area to pick up some loose stuff from a few stations. And I thought “why not take a look to see if CCP’s new changes are doing anything for FW?” Gates were pretty much clear everywhere, and no activity to speak of in the belts. D-scanned some of those sites and warped to the ones with players inside. The moment I arrived, they warped out. Every single time. Once, one of them put something in local in Chinese. Later I looked it up (Google translate wouldn’t give a non-gibberish result), and it basically meant the n-word. About the most FW PvP I see happens on the Amarr undock, where some guy occasionally snipes Amarr FW players undocking in haulers full of farmed LP garbage.

So yeah, great feature! Elite PvP all around!

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Why has this thread not been moved and merged

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Yet you’re still here after making numerous cry threads and still giving CCP your time.

Guess they do own you after all :smiley:

we already talked about it
i know you don’t like it
luv you anyway

one example

a single region of the warzone pages of kills today
amarr minmatar fw is kinda nice

btw huola used to be the camped gate
but everybody and their moms are in the event things atm
begins in
vard then aamake and up to egmar

If asteroids were players, like you could choose to create an asteroid character, and you’d just sit there waiting to be mined, would mining be PvP?

If so, eh, I guess ganking is PvP. But barely.

Never play under other people’s rules, otherwise they will beat you in their own game!

They weasel their way to you and sell their “rules” to you, it’s a trap, never sign such contract!
Never play anything under someone else’s rules, specially if they are carebears, they are all weasels.

They just want to cancel your nature, your good qualities to beat you with their drone ant behaviour of hoarding items.


There, fixed it for you…

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Because those that are soloing in PVE are not interested in people bothering, so think of it this way, if you are eating and flies are buzzing you and your food I’m sure you don’t say they are just PVPing and shouldn’t get annoyed because they are only playing the game of life as intended.


So where is the problem? Stuff would get cheaper, is that bad for PvP? Miners probably could complain that their mining is not needed as much, but mining is the first thing you should resign from anyway when coming to EVE, as its boring enough already.

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Oh my God! This is genius. This is exactly what I am going to tell my kids. “Are you really going to lose a fight against a fly? What does that make you?”



It diminishes the value and significance of every engagement. If I know that when I destroy my opponent’s ship, they have 80 more of them ready to go, and feel zero impact form the loss, what exactly is the purpose of fighting? The act of pressing buttons to activate modules on a ship in itself is not compelling entertainment. In EVE, we play by fighting to acquire comparative power over each other. If everyone has access to nearly limitless resources, then no one has anything to lose or gain from engagements. Why play the game at that point?


I get this, this sounds true.

When the person sets the his/her own mind into doing something, the person will get a bit cranky if interrupted. This happens in real life a lot.

yeah and besides that there is cost benefit
lots of people like to use implants , drugs , bling modules
and its soooooooo rewarding to kill a pilot wen you are outclassed

if all ships cost 0 there will be nothing but the best ship ever vs the best ship ever with BIS fit

for example
coercer vs venture not cool kill
coercer vs hecate cool kill

and if you are not on drugs and the dude drops a 40 milion drug , omagaaad im the best around

if you are not with implants and kill a 1 bil capsule etc etc…

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