Why people dislike ganking Part 2

Now this topic has been touched on before by me but it was taken down for the comments.
we first must touch on why people dislike it and then why it is important.
Why they dislike it

  • They lose a huge amount of isk from it.

  • They have to much pride

  • Or they dislike PvP
    Why it is important
    It is important because you the economy sort of relays on ganking as much as anything as you relay on the economy. if ganking did not happen we would the value of isk would almost be worth nothing because there would be no product control. meaning there would be huge amounts of product coming in but the cost of everything would drop fast meaning if you sell battle ships you would not be able to sell them at the same cost. this could equal out but it is not likely to before it destroys the economy.

How it could be fixed
I think there are a lot of ways to fix it the simplest way is to show off that they make a trailer showing that ganking happens and show how it effects everything. The seconded thing they could do is explain that PvP happens in eve now I do not know how they would do this as that would be up to them.

This right here is complete and utter nonsense. The vast majority of PvP has nothing to do with ganking and would occur whether ganking exists or not.

I’m agreeing with Lucas on this. I don’t think ganking is as prevalent as some sources <cough cough, this forum and redit> make it out to be. I do a lot of activities that should make me very vulnerable to ganking (I do high lvl 4 missions in a vargur, I afk mine, I do a lot of hauling), but I have never been ganked once. I really doubt that

" the economy sort of relays on ganking as much as anything"

Ganking has far more of an emotional impact on people than it does an actual economic impact on the game as a whole. The emotional impact of ganking is what makes it important. People thought that they were safe in high sec, and when all of a sudden, they learn the hard way that they were not safe some players overreact and have a public fit.

I do agree with you @Mindahouf_Davaham that the best way to soften the blow of high sec suicide ganking is education. CCP could do more to emphasize to players that they are not safe, even in high sec. It would also be nice for CCP to teach people how to d-scan and generally be aware of their surroundings, but that may be asking for too much.

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they do need to have an add for ganking so people know that can happen

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