Ganking and quitting Part 2

Enjoy the game



Yes, I’m another one. I read your arguments on a similar post. There is no reasons to convince a dead tree like you to grow. At the end of the day, I expressed my opinion and your answer simply demonstrates that I was right in my observation. You don’t respect what other people say and it’s one of the first signs of shallowness.

Do you attempt to communicate with trees often?


Every year I have about 200 students and, unfortunately, have to communicate with many people like you who consider themselves “the best of the best”. I don’t remember who said this “A lot of people are all foliage and no fruit. They might look like a really beautiful orchard, but we’re going to starve anyway”. People like you are the reasons Eve online is starving.

Listen to this pathetic piece of crap whine. Send your isk and stuff now.

The former has to do with CCP’s balance changes called scarcity – 2 whole years of resource starvation while you were gone – and the latter has to do with ISK velocity going down (people are hoarding their money instead of spending it, making it hard to make money from the market).

These are the 2+ years of MER reports you’ve been missing.

But “ganking is the root of every problem” is always a nice boogeyman. Your tree joins a beautiful fruitless orchard indeed.


And what if they aren’t interested in hearing your pedantic drivel?


I never said ganking is the root of all the problems. I said “safety” is one of the most important components of mental health whether you like it or not. Ganking affects mental health of solo/peaceful players. I’m sure there are other problems as well. And yes, I am aware of the scarcity issue.

Solo/peaceful players need to accept this is a MULTIPLAYER PvP wargame.


I’m not arguing against PVP - please read my comments. Do you do ganking? If so, can you tell me what you’ll do if there are no more solo/peaceful players in the game?

I’ll win the game.


Then I wish you all the best. You are on the right path.

I’m doing very well, thank you.


We literally JUST had a thread locked on this topic.

It is completely unfair and unsportsmanlike for a gamer to bring their baggage into a game, and then expect other gamers to ask about it and tailor their own gameplay to accommodate that baggage. Everyone has a sob story.

Solo players are OK as long as they have no expectation of being left alone, because it is an MMORPG after all.


The gankers’ industrial alts. Dur.

Minecraft creative mode is that way >>>>>


What I see here is how hard everyone on this forum tries to “protect” the current state of affairs instead of looking at the problem from a distance. The fact is that before “ganking” became a problem the game had more players and in better state in general. You can’t argue with that. I’m not even against ganking as such. My argument is that in a game with 7800 systems you don’t even want to allocate true safe zones. 40 of my friends that I played with since 2005 quit the game for good. Most of them because of ganking. Call it “whining” and “another one”. At the end of the day, you are the one playing in the Universe with less than 20K active users and paying higher subscription fees. I truly enjoyed the 2005 game and I wish you had the opportunity to be in that game to compare.


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The first Hulkageddon was what, late 2000s? Doesn’t match the graph really. The player count arc is concerning but you’re not the first to think “There’s one and only one reason for this and it’s something I don’t like or else I’d play more, and those numbers have to all be people like me, so it’s gotta be ganking.”


40 of your friends guit because of ganking. But we’ll apply non-boolean logic and state it’s NOT ganking. Very interesting point of view.