Ganking and quitting Part 2

40 is statistically insignificant compared to the millions that have tried and quit EvE over 2 decades.

You live in a bubble. Your thinking reflects that.


Was that the game where you could make someone able to be attacked just by inviting them to a fleet? Or was it the game where you could kill anyone in high-sec with a single ship by bouncing around the grid to reset CONCORD repeatedly? Or perhaps it was the game where you could declare war on anyone, without any restrictions, for only 2 million ISK per week?


Oh god I miss that. I mean it was vile and needed to go, but boy do I miss it.

Now you gave me a sad.


If you studied statistics you’d know that It’s only statistically insignificant if you apply it to the same group of players. I am applying it to very specific group of players. On top of that, it’s a sampling where 100% of the sampling data gives the same result so while you can ignore it statistically it still gives you a trend. But, of course, it’s easier to throw statistics at me or call me names for the luck of better arguments. I am going to open another topic on ganking specifically and would like to hear your arguments there.

Where did you get your facts? Just to be clear, I am going to open another topic about ganking in 2005 vs 2022 where you can post your arguments.

And they aren’t telling lies. You definitely can do that, if you learn how to, then you can do everything you want to do in perfect safety from gankers in highsec. The fact that you were unable to do so in past means that you are bad player unwilling to put effort into intrigues of this game and unwilling to make the right choices. Majority of the players are hauling their loot themselves without the knowledge to do so and they are then blown on the way and lose everything. And that is a good thing, because if they weren’t then courier contracts wouldn’t be a thing. Interaction with other players also.

And also on highsec-gankers, lowsec gatecampers and hotdroppers and nullseccers you forgot to add.

In short. This game was never meant for you, you want to play Elite Dangerous or World of Warcraft (not classic). So go back there and forgot about this game even existing, if you start playing with this mindset you will ragequit sooner or later anyway and not just from valid reasons like lack of content.

I hate players like you, few days ago there was one new player on my Neverwinter Nights 1 server writing on discord that he is playing high level Wizard (strongest class/build on the server) and that everywhere are these monsters who shout cone on him that removes all spells saying it is unplayable. I explaind that player that this can be avoided by 10 different methods and that even though such monsters or dispelling traps are in few dungeons that it doesn’t mean it the dungeon cannot be beaten by wizard at all and that often wizard is best/fastest character in those dungeons. So he demanded me to tell him how to avoid that antimagic cone which I refused saying “Sorry I won’t tell you, Dungeon Masters here are not giving players exact step by step instructions of where to go, when to go there and what to do there. We expect players to step up and figure it all themselves. But you can ask other players for advices.” And he immediately responded it is ■■■■ server and ragequitted. All these players on EVE forums screaming how ganking is bad and should be removed are just like this player. HTFU weaklings or ragequit and don’t come back and stop spamminng and trolling on forums, it is tiresome and annoying af.


To be quite honest, you opened the door on yourself when you first tried to slyly insinuate that I was illogical with a mockery of my sincere response to you:

Because you’re an old player, I don’t have to introduce my corp to you. I also hang out with a great number of ex-BoB players who started in the 2003-2005 time frame and in my 100% sample size the reason they don’t play currently has 0 to do with ganking. Except I don’t go around declaring their reasons as the sole reasons on forum threads and demand the game change. I understand there’s a lot of reasons, moving pieces, and complexity involve, too big for 1 brain to handle. I’m not arrogant enough to declare one solution as being the fix.

it’s almost like the cohort of players I was sampling was indeed:

Which I said earlier:

You can try to weasel out of this, but you can’t blame me if you’re incentivizing me to make you squirm.

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The game loses a lot of its value if activities don’t have inherent risk attached to them. Having completely safe systems would either mean you could do nothing but sit in them afk or it would destroy the game by breaking the risk/reward balance. There really isn’t anything except gankers and sometimes silly NPCs to introduce any risk in highsec.


I am not arguing about ganking - please read my post again. I also opened another topic where I explain why modern ganking is just a joke.

What is this trend?

The trend that many players who are playing with you (who clearly dislike ganking), also dislike ganking?

Whoa, unsurprising trend.

Anyway, you and your select group of friends may not be representative for the average player that plays this harsh PvP game.


One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness.

Good sir, would you like to address the substance of my post or deliberately continue the behavior of continued provocations? It is most uncharacteristic of you to ignore a good argument.

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The name “Eve” literally comes from “Everyone Versus Everyone.” This is a challenging, unrestricted PvP, sandbox MMO that was built upon the principle “harsh, but fair.”

If you don’t want to play this sort of game, that’s okay. There are other options out there for you. What is baffling to me, however, is how many people assert that Eve is somehow “broken” for not catering to their particular tastes. I mean, people don’t go on the WoW forums, and be like, “you know this casual themepark MMO would be great if only they changed the fundamental nature of the game by adding in non-consensual PvP and a full loot death mechanic.”

Yet here we are… a never ending stream of players whining about about the challenging PvP game being full of challenge and PvP. of course, it would merely be a curious phenomenon if the only thing that happened was you guys made your forum whines and then left. the problem, however, is that CCP keeps trying to compromise on their values in order to cater to guys that don’t even want to play their game. And the end result is a compromise that no one is happy with. The whinebears still want more safety, and the HTFU crowd keep watching their hardcore UPvP sandbox game slowly devolve into a “westworld style” game where you can’t lose and aren’t actually in any real danger.

I mean, sometimes compromises just don’t work. Don’t believe me? Let say you want an open marriage and your wife doesn’t. Try asking her if you only getting to bang her sister is a good compromise.

Also, how the hell did it take you 17 years to discover that this game wasn’t for you?


Can I have your stuff?


I sent a request to CCP to delete my account and request to moderators to delete my account here as well. No need for you to have my staff - you enjoy the game so play it the way you enjoy it.


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“This is the first time AAXX has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”

Hi, AAXX how are you liking the game so far? Anywho welcome and enjoy your stay!


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I don’t really want your stuff. For me, it’s kind of a cross between a forum tradition, and saying that I don’t care if you leave. They might sound cold, but I’m tired of bitter vets sabotaging player morale, and people who don’t actually want to play this game, trying to get rid of the things I love about it.

Also, the classy thing to do would be to donate your stuff to the Magic Schoolbus, convert it to plex and donate it to plex for good, or give it to friends.


The biggest risk to someone’s safety is that they’ll fall off their gaming chair. No one’s safety is at risk from EVE. Get a grip.

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But I would play that game. WoW is dying. Imagine all the new subscribers Blizzard would get if they removed all the anti-PVP safety from zones!

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After reading all of your lunatic ramblings, I feel like you’ve already given me your staff twice, and then didn’t even have the courtesy to give me a reach-around afterwards.