Ganking and quitting Part 2

Isn’t “can I have your stuff” a way to say “I call BS on your quitting EVE thread but give you a chance to prove you are genuine by giving away all your stuff (or just biomassing altogether) to show you are not just a fake talking drama queen”? :wink:


You people need to get into your thick skull.

Noone gives a toss you are leaving, I don’t know what you expect.

Blah blah Blah Sent Isk, Jog On.

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Noone ever really wants to give away their stuff (well not all) there could be times when it is easiler to just contract some of it away cause looking at it just means too much work to go and consolidate it with the rest of your stuff.

Well if you check my thread history you can see I’ve already made plenty of giveaways / events and if I would decide to finally quit I would surely make a final giveaway (or series of giveaways) handing out all my stuff (also to friends and people I know through private contracts) before finally biomassing all my characters. Maybe I’m one of the few exceptions though dunno.

Edit: Or if am lazy / have no time to spare would just forward my stuff to Mike’s Magic School Bus giveaway pile.


Well the only pilot I would hand over my wares to if it came to that is Aiko. Not because any other reason other than to say I appreciate you

That’s probably BS. In my experience, most people don’t say why they’re quitting, they just disappear.

Well, if we’re going to get all scientific up in here, let’s not forget about selection bias. People with the same play styles and tastes tend to hang out together. I mean, all of my friends are pro-UPvP HTFU type people who play the game because they enjoy this kind of stuff. So, that proves you wrong using your own logic.

I mean, you might as well be saying, “casual observation of all the people in my echochamber statistically proves that most people leave the game because of ganking… also, I probably made some assumptions as to why most of those people quit, because they didn’t actually say.”


All of my friends want the old wardec system back, so that’s 100% of the players (I asked).


Can I have your stuff?

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Unfortunately is the operative word. No doubt they have no idea how brutal the world outside their safespace is. If they strut around with expensive jewelry likely to be ganked

Make that 101%. Having war targets to hunt is fun.

You have students ?

Oh sh!t …


EvE sands for:

everyone V everyone

When you buy a product, read its description first.

Maybe he has a skillfarm of about 200 alts. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk: :dealwithitparrot:

For some people it might be. Those are my particular reasons though.

I’m hope my Eve forum forefathers are proud that I am continuing their legacy. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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100% of my moms think I’m a handsome young man, so that must mean it’s true. :peacock:


There is not a single ‘peaceful’ player in the game. If you are mining, then the end product of your mining is combat ships…so your mining leads directly to combat and you are as much in the war business as anyone else. Same goes for traders. All resource in Eve is ultimately funnelled into one ship blapping another. There is no ‘peaceful’ high ground where you stand aside from it all.

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My original post was not about that. My post was that in the past ganking was actually more fun because it had a lot of risks (no clones, risk of loosing implants if you get killed by CONCORD, bounty on your head, etc). Nowadays all you have to do find a group of 20 kids with superiority complex that want to kill a miner for no profit (and no consequences) and it can be done even in high security areas. If this is what you like then by all means enjoy the game. I made a mistake thinking my post would interest players to take a look at this problem from a historical perspective.

You still here?

Thought you quit.

Don’t worry. I am finishing grading homework assignments and in between replying to people and biomassing my alt accounts

Were/are you a ganker, Aaxx?

If you were, you’d know that the fun in ganking was and is enjoyment of the playstyle for its own sake, despite repeated attempts to sabotage the activity.

If you were not/are not a ganker, I wonder that you can boldly state that it was ‘more fun’ in the past. On what are you basing your claim?

I was already in my 5th decade when I started ganking, in 2013. In the mechanics of ganking, I was certainly superior to many of those I encountered in the belts who, if they’d had any nous at all, would have seen me coming from a mile off. I’d hardly call that a complex.

You certainly made a mistake in assuming that yours would be an original and popular take on a subject which has been thrashed out on these boards for a very long time.

Historical Perspective’, my arse.


Here’s some tough but fair feedback.

There was nothing in your now-deleted-OP to:

  1. Convey this was your True Intention All Along.
  2. That this was the main thrust or thesis of your argument.
  3. That you had concrete, verifiable numbers or evidence from past forum posts to put together a coherent argument.
  4. Assertions or links justifying an authority, expertise, or skillfull experience.

Instead we got the casual ramblings of someone who, to an outside observer, seemed like anyone else with an opinion. And by default, not all opinions are interesting nor thought-provoking, particularly when you invade a community from the outside and have never participated earnestly before.

That you blame everyone else for “not seeing your noble intentions” also, to an outside observer, fits into the egotistical “misunderstood white knight” psychological defense. I am sorry you feel defensive, but to be frank, you need to gain perspective.


My 1st post was named “ganking and quitting part 2” as to reference the post “ganking and quitting” that was made a year ago. In that post a year ago the arguments were about moral issues of ganking. My arguments were economical consequences (without miners/haulers/manufacturers the economy in Eve Online will suffer) and also game-friendly reasons for new players esp in high security areas. I’m not CCP employee so the evidence is simple observation of declining player base, all my friends left the game, it’s 100x times harder to buy ships & items (while it can be due to scarcity still you can’t deny that it’s more likely for solo/peaceful players to leave the hostile game). My post was NOT a thesis of any kind. Rather, it was an addition to the original post a year ago that was closed.