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This light release as we roll into the summer brings new descriptions for a selection of nullsec outposts, detailing their rich player created history, as well as optimizations to character rendering and a new “attributes” tab for all NPCs that shows their damage resistances and the types of damage that they deal.

In addition to this, a number of fixes and improvements for war declarations, the user interface and a fix for abyssal deadspace timer displays.

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Trig stuff is fun :smiley: citadel farming is definately a good isk source for highsec pve but people are very secretive atm regarding fits and fleet setups etc its a strange feeling compared to events as people generally happily shared fittings etc but its been good so far.

Anyone else not seeing tritanium & pyerite in Hangars ?

They show up in a search on Personal Assets, but when I go to the physical (sic) location they are not there.

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An ‘Attributes’ tab has been added to the show info window for NPCs. This tab will list their damage resistances as well as showing what damage types they deal.

This is great. I love it. Thank you.


I have looked for this on a few NPC’s and not found it. :sadparrot:

what exactly means: “Refactored Character shadows to make them more performant. Refactored the character animation system, and added in new idle animations which make the characters seem more lifelike”.
Is it referred to the ships in space or to our character? Because I can’t see any difference before and after the release.


Laucher forgot my logins…

Refactored Character shadows to make them more performant. Refactored the character animation system, and added in new idle animations which make the characters seem more lifelike.

Looks like someone at CCP didn’t notice captains quarters were removed two years ago.


I’m not sure what it is that you could be missing. It’s just a matter of opening an info window for an NPC and checking the new Attributes tab. So far I’ve only tried it on a Customs NPC at a gate, but I can only guess it works the same for any NPC…

That’s exactly what I don’t understand

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What is there not to understand? You just have to look at how CCP develops the game and it should be obvious that the devs neither play it themselves, nor do they understand it very much.


C’mon, it’s impossible they don’t know that the characters are not visible anymore since 2 years ago…

The patch notes are proof to the contrary.

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Maybe they are thinking to reintroduce the possibility to walk into the stations?

Highly doubtful and even if, they’d finish that feature first before patching dead code in.

If they don’t want another summer of rage they best not!

Our quarrel with Incarna wasn’t about the idea of WiS, it was about the execution of it.

  1. 60$ monocles and other totally overpriced “micro” transactions (Hilmar: You have no balls.)
  2. CCP promising the world to us and the result after 6 months of working on nothing but WiS was really disappointing.
  3. Not to mention that the game was in a broken and buggy state and rather than fix that CCP spent their time on releasing a 10% finished feature that didn’t add any gameplay value whatsoever.
  1. You type a response of “Our quarrel with…” as if you are the spokesperson for everyone who had issues with incarna.
  2. you go on to say that 6 month of development time went into a disappointing WiS feature… Which I will further to, 6 months of development time went into a dissapointing WiS release, which a high percentage of players placed much further down the list for development, namely fixing the game before adding new features.

Sorry I didn’t want to rise hell on an old and removed function. I was just curious to understand at what was referring that patch note phrase.

“Our” as in “the community’s”. It may not apply to everyone and I never said otherwise, but if you go back to all the complaints at the time those were pretty much the main problems everyone argued about.