June 2019 Release - Known Issues

Please use this thread for reporting and discussing known issues.

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This light release as we roll into the summer brings new descriptions for a selection of nullsec outposts, detailing their rich player created history, as well as optimizations to character rendering and a new “attributes” tab for all NPCs that shows their damage resistances and the types of damage that they deal.

In addition to this, a number of fixes and improvements for war declarations, the user interface and a fix for abyssal deadspace timer displays.

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Known Issues:

  • The mission objective is not visible in the info panel for “A Railgun Charge Is Worth a Thousand Words”.
  • Tritanium, Pyerite and Mexallon are in many cases not showing up in the inventory window. - Fixed with a server reboot
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All the trit is gone RIP
Pyerite and Mex too, good times.


We are investigating this now. The minerals are still there, but somehow not displayed.

Yeah, I can see them in my Assets window, but they’re not being detected in the Industry window; so my alt can’t build anything…


Not just minerals. But a just recently completed dread, Naglfar, is also missing.


The triglavians cloaked up the minerals! :eyes:

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Blood Raider battleships in combat anomalies (Blood Raider Forsaken Hub) show 100% kinetic damage on their attributes, but they deal a mix of EM/Thermal.

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Search menu in the regional market is still opening every time I view market details. Not sure if this is intended or not, but it sure is a pain to close everything after going through a bunch of orders.

Still looking for confirmation if loot and salvage from invasions is intended to be a free for all.

“… due to the most weird-ass chain of events in the history of EVE Online.”

Best outage notification ever


good time to inject a rorqual pilot?

Repair Option is missing from the drop down menu (in stations that had a repair facility added in the latest patch). Repairshop from the Station Services works fine, just missing the menu option from a right click:

P.S. Thank you for adding these!!

[edit] : EBR-177962


Thank you for drawing our attention to this! Could you please raise a bug report with the details of the specific station and item? Mention me in the BR for bonus points. Thanks!

  • Ice mining produces 2 stacks of ice in an empty cargo hold, one of
    them is growing
  • Ice belts sometimes don’t spawn at the expected time
  • The agency stays in the chosen sub layer(ice-belts) after being closed
    and reopened, wich leads to not updated information sometimes

Contextual repair unavailable from stations that did not own a repair service before, though the service is available from station service panel.


Ship model animation sounds cannot be turned off. I keep hearing this useless Srrrrr-Clank from my Stiletto after every single gate jump. This sound disobeys the fully turned down “Ship Effects” sound slider.

modal dialog box can lead to the complete game being “disabled”

At first I thought it was some weird network error, because I had it after “can’t connect to channel”, which is an error introduced in the last linux kernels.
But now I just got it after trying to update a market order before the 5min delay : I got the message “can’t do it yet”, and when I click “ok” then the game remaines greyed out and I can’t click anything. Chat is still chatting though.

My client desynced somehow. I was mining on moon ore belt and it should disappear but it didn’t. Right now my overview is desynced and visuals are still. I set speed of my ship but id doesn’t move. I scooped my MTU to the hangar but it’s still in overview. The same is with wrecks which I can’t pull (the distance don’t change). I salvaged one wreck and I still see it in the overview.


09:23:02 Notify The item is being transferred to the Providence. Please wait for the transfer to complete.

Would you please consider fixing your backend? For days now I keep having lots of issues with items in hangars not correctly transfering into my ship cargoholds and getting locked in place for minutes and longer. This is rather annoying.

i get random disconnects on one or two clients, while a third is not affected (on the same machine)