Does this part of CCP's post mean battleships will be gone from high sec?

“The semi-lawless frontier of Lowsec has the potential to become much more than it is now as the Empires’ patience with intrusive Capsuleers in Highsec is wearing thin”

Or am I reading too far into this and it just means that -10 and such will be pursued so much by navies and police that THEY will be the one’s flushed into low sec?

I’m so confused.


You are reading too far into this.


Thanks, yeah so many strange changes that I’m not sure anymore .

Could mean a lot of things, including next to nothing. CCP’s not above issuing statements that sound dramatic but boil down to little.

Maybe they’re just going to take a hard line on Triglav standings. Maybe they’re going to be more reactive against suspect/criminal timers. Most likely the negative standings window before being shot at will be decreased. Maybe empire navies will react more strongly to poor standings from enemy factions.

At any rate, nothing to do with battleships. Probably something to do with standings. Not likely anything too disruptive.


I mean, the word Battleship never even appears in the sentence you quoted so… why would you even think this?


Thanks, I haven’t resubbed because all these changes that have effected high sec so much (I know null has had a ton stuff too), but my life is up in high sec and as they have been nerfing so much it kills my activities, I definitely wasn’t getting rich but now nothing much is worth doing and my trip to null proved fruitless.

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Paranoia, CCP has done too many changes that just seem to go to far in my opinion and yet changes that have sounded good to me always get shot down and change that kills high sec is implemented.

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If there’s one thing you can absolutely count on, its that the nerfs will continue. It’s pretty clear they hate high sec players and want to make it as painful as possible for them.

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I use to love lvl 5 missions and it started there, a return of lvl 5 missions would be nice since mineral prices are at an all time high and payouts for missions are at an all time low, scarcity is one thing, purposely nerfing income and materials both just kills progress for people dedicated to pve.

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You just have to realize they really don’t want there to be strictly PvE players in EVE.

When have we every had an actual discussion about player ideas that don’t turn into clown shows but things such as AFK cloakies are being changed and as many point out that if you live in lawless space you shouldn’t be AFK at no time.

There’s no such thing as a strictly PvE player in EVE. Never has been.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Sadly your right, I did go to null again, WWbee started up, I never got a chance to see any action because low skill non pvp players were not included, sure I would have simply popped but so what it’s not supposed to be about kill numbers but fun, as I found out players don’t like their numbers to look bad.

Sounds a bit like you’ve done everything solo, and want to continue doing it that way.

Which is fine, but realistically you SHOULD expect things to be difficult solo, and as someone thats struggled to find the right group to fly with myself, im personally glad higher end content is becoming more challenging.

I can still do lvl 4 missions solo if I choose. I can still explore in LS/WH etc. I can run escalations solo. There’s a lot you can still do, but you’re going to need to expand your horizon and do content appropriate to the resources you have.

Without being part of a small group that works together for everyone’s benefit, you’re going to have a steep barrier for content.

Personally I still hate seeing holding corps for upwell structures. Keep it tied to your corp/alliance or don’t put 'em up.

As a HS player beginning to branch more into consistent LS play, try something different. Its not all about isk/hr. If that is how you define fun, unfortunately for you, but fortunately for the game, ISK is going to be harder to come by staying in HS.


Bounties payout ok, so does null, but again if you go to low/null/wh every few minutes someone is hunting you and it gets boring hitting d scan, so I trained up for a rook but found it to be lacking more than expected, that’s when I folded.

Sounds like your flying ships fsr too expensive for what you’re doing. I rat fine in a dessie in LS. Still check dscan, but being a dessie its no biggie if it gets popped.

Embrace the loss when you undock, and be pleasantly surprised when you dont die. :slight_smile:

I do more than just rat however. I try to mix things up from exploration, to abyss sites (low level in T1 cruiser), missions, combat sites and LS ratting.

Its a familiarity thing for me. Ive lived in null for awhile, but was left to myself and just didn’t enjoy it solo. When I learn the systems I fly in frequently in LS, ill start a push into LS/Null areas. Ideally with others, and if not, well I’m sure ill meet some people down there one way or another. :wink:

Being hunted is just a way of life in EvE. Adapt, or dont. Adapting is far more engaging and fun though.


I certainly hope not. Battleships are always juicy targets in any level of security.

I fly cheap, T-1 and T-2 fit where I can because alpha state is restrictive, but I accept that as a limitation, otherwise I use cheap stuff.

intrusive Capsuleers = the minmatar trash
they will be banned from the game
it’s about damn time

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