How did you lose your first valueable ship?

Hey everyone,

most people who read this already got past their very first loss that did hurt. But you are all still around and i’m happy to see you around o7. I believe every single player has his very own wonderful story how he screwed up massively and lost his very first, precious ship. Today i would love to hear ALL of them no matter how dumb they were. Let’s be honest, we actually want the dumb storys.

Feel free share your horrific, vivid memories with us today as im sure a lot of people do remember their first loss and every small story, is your very personal experience that is of huge value to you no matter how “boring” it might seem to others.

Did you fly into lowsec? accept a duel without reading the message box? or jumped into wormhole without probes and warped to the sun just to check if its diffrent in this system?! Doesn’t matter, tell us! I’m sure many of you do still remember and can tell the most hilarious stories we can laugh at today.

But another big portion of your story should also be how you replaced it. How did you move on after your first loss and get back up on your feet? Because every story does need an happy end.

Now lets hypothetically say your ship back then did cost about twentyfive euros and you had no clue how to get another one besides paying that sum again, would you still be around today? If not, how would you rate this game? Great experience, had fun? or Great fun, had experience?

Fly safe o7

Lost a bling Golem during a PvP fight due to loadshedding. It’s a South African thing.

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Ok, this one took a bit to remember because it was my first Procurer, which also means it might not be perfectly accurate.

It was at that time when I felt pretty proficient (and probably getting lucky) in taking it to lowsec and mining more valuable ores, which is why I decided to take it to null as well. The way in was pretty smooth but after arriving to a belt, I didn’t see any of the “cool” null-exclusive rocks so I decided it’s not worth my time and risk.

When heading back, I somehow took a different path and ended up caught by a bubble that was placed pretty far from the gate. The camp looked abandoned so I decided to just start buring towards the gate but after a while, a Stiletto showed up, called in a Hyperion and you know how that ended.

As for the replacement, I think I did buy another one but kept it in highsec to farm back the loss. Some time later, I managed to successfully fly it out to Cache, which was the home of the null alliance I joined but that’s another story.

I tried to fight a whole corp in a Marauder. They brought neuts. It was worth it though.


I lost my Helios, which being a covops main is a bit problematic, and back then T2 cartels were a thing so a new covert cloak was 100M which at the time was quite a lot (GTC were around 260M). Took a lot of belt ratting to make that back to be ready for the next fleet.

I learned that ultralockers were a thing and that even a nullified sub-2s align warp stabbed frigate could get caught.

Where I usually only lost 2m frigates, or cruisers up to 20m, this time I was making a run from my home in null sec, past bubble camps, on to a long pipe that would lead through high sec to to Jita in an instawarp Ares with all kinds of valuable small loot.

400m according to zkillboard value, but that ignored the price of the bpcs and ship skins I was carrying. Ingame price said about 800m at the time, which was most of the value I had then.

A few jumps into high sec I wanted to warp to the next gate but was confused why I couldn’t: I was double scrammed by a sensor boosted frigate of some high sec war deccers and killed by the sensor boosting cruiser.

Anyway, that was the moment I learned to always use a war-immune alt to do high sec hauling.

My first valuable ship loss?

Well, I’d say it was the first time I suicide ganked someone. I went a little on the pricey end and made sure my catalyst was fully T2 fitted (except for rigs) pretty overkill for that poor venture. But I remember it clearly. My hands were shaking, my heart was racing. As I was warping to my probed down target I kept making sure my guns were on overheat and my safety was set to red.

It was glorious. And then poof. CONCORD showed up and I was baptized by fire and my 20 mil ish catalyst was reduced to scrap. I didn’t, and still don’t use an alt so all my fittings were lost to other miners in the area. But that’s okay. They can keep that stuff. I got something so much more valuable that day.

Lost a mining badger in a belt because the smart bomb I had fitted wasn’t smart enough to not hit the other mining ships.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

That’s probably my first loss that really stung at the time/sticks out to me. I can’t remember all the details anymore as it was 8 years ago, but at the time, low sec had a lot more notable entities than just Snuff and whatever’s left of Shadow Cartel.

Snuff, Shadow, Balex, a steady stream of rising and falling FW alliances, Dead Terrorists, Sniggwaffe(or whichever was their low sec branch again), sooooo many more. Well, we all fought each other pretty regularly. Metropolis and Placid from 13-17 or so were fantastic. That particular fight, we(Suddenly Spaceships.) were fighting with Snuffed Out. They escalated to a bigger dreadball than we could deal with as Suddenly was always a smaller, more SP/fitting intensive alliance. We warped off… I took a second too long to align and proteus points at the time could even reach around all the Mama’s in a Yo Mama so fat joke… and I lost my first Windicator.

I don’t remember how exactly I replaced that ship. I’ve had periods in Eve where I was reasonably successful at generating isk, and then other periods in Eve where I was pretty reliant on just working a couple hours of OT at work and plexing up some extra isk. But, either way, I did replace it and I think I still have that particular vindicator to this day.

My first loss over a billion was mostly my own hubris - on a hectic blopsing fleet bouncing around Vale of the Silent I suddenly lost all audio, and without any kind of voice communication I was left to work out what was going on purely on intuition while trying to multibox several characters. Instead of getting safe and logging off to sort out the issues I carried on regardless.

We dropped on a gating fax designed to bait us out, and when the call to retreat was made I wasn’t properly aligned and ready to escape.

Well, mine was 267mil worth Stratios in high sec (Misneden 0.5)lost to gankers. I was running anoms there, and was destroyed at a Den by two ships. It was kinda stupid since I narrowly missed those guys few minutes earlier, should have known better :slight_smile:
They then had this conversation with me that I had to pay for being there (something about paying for mining permit). That made me laugh, without any intetion of paying I keep asking them about it more and more, in the end they just stopped answering me - probably figured I had no intetion of falling for that :slight_smile:

But it was nice to watch how the got blown up by Concord :slight_smile: I already had plenty of ISK and ships, so I just switched to something else - good experience though, taught me to be more carefull.


When I had first started out in New Eden I was bootlegging Tobacco and looking back at those zkills on combat log today and seeing that they are worth no more than 4million isk each but remembering back then that was a full investment back then.

Makes me smirk to think how frustrated it made me back then and how it changed me to be the pilot I am today.

In mid to late 2019 (around a year after I started playing) I got really into running abyssals for ISK. It worked very well for awhile, I was seeing more ISK than I’d ever thought possible at that point in my eve career. Eventually I had enough money to afford a Gila to run T5 abyssals (T6s didnt exist yet btw). Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to replace it if it died. Now, surely nothing can go wrong with flying what you can’t afford to lose in the abyss, right?

Oh, it can go wrong… I got DC’d in the middle of a run and being unable to pilot it for about a minute, I died. It was short and intensely painful.

After this incident I rage quit eve online for about 3 months before coming back as the pandemic closed down school for the rest of the schoolyear and I had abundant free time.

I dont think this hypothetical would’ve at all changed how my eve career has evolved since that loss tbh. I’d still have rage quit, I’d still have come back in the pandemic, and everything would happen the same as it has in this timeline. That said, I was super invested in that specific ship and also knew how the game worked, so the aim of the situation (exploiting newer players) more generally doesn’t apply.

Lost orca to incursion rats …didn’t know they exist by then!

Lost a gila 2x on a single session. I lost the first one during an escalation which was in low sec. Went to replace it and looked for the cheapest which was also in lowsec so got killed with an unfitted gila on my way back to hs lol

This wasn’t the most expensive, but it made me the maddest. I lost a Prowler to those Edencom Gunstars. I had very slight positive standing to Trigs as that was the toon that evacuated all my stuff from Otela (STOLEN!). I was drifting out of station and someone in real life distracted me. Being ganked by real people is just folks having fun in Eve. Being ganked by USELESS residual “security” forces totally outraged me. I quit for a year. Now I’m getting mad again.

Goto null, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Well it wasn’t. It was a boring snooze fest with the occasional F1-monkeying. So I packed everything I could into one ship and started the 27jump journey back to hi-sec.

I already knew that trying to move it on my own would be difficult and there would likely be a gate camp. But didn’t have many options back then.

Got back to hi-sec quicker than I thought.

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Nowadays you just pop two filaments and you get that Dominix with all it’s contents safe to high sec! That’s what I did anyway with my Dominix a while ago.

Please CCP

Nerf safe extraction via Pochven filaments - disallowing them in WH space was a good start. Now give the rest of them a 30 second delay between activation and teleportation, or something else to stop this.


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Was my first loss. All the way when I started EVE I loved the Naga. Died to a LS gate camp like so many others XD

At least it was to a Panther. You won’t get killed by something like that in Hisec.