Your favorite loss!

Every pvp player has a favorite kill, the one tasted so good you finally felt like a vet.

The forums seem slow while were waiting for the next nerf/mega thread to appear so I thought I would ask?

How did you get there? How many losses, how much time did it take? What was your favorite loss?

These guys set me up so professionally, I could only admire them! They had a 3rd party even warn me in wh local about them gathering. My arrogance was not “Who would would want to kill such a fine fellow as I”, (everyone) but who could kill so fine a fellow as I? I found out! :rofl:

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I don’t think it was my biggest loss, but it’s up there. I would have asked to join them but I didn’t think they would believe me.

I never did forget this battle. It went through 3 wh’s. I lost track of one of them and came back to haunt me while in warp to my last escape point. If I had warped to any other distance but zero, I could have bounced around and escaped by log off before they found me. Only a few seconds into warp did I realize me mistake but it was to late.

Anyone else care to embarrass themselves?


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The Nidd was my Goal, all I wanted was to fly this ship, and after eventually training in to it, buying one, and then paying it off after some good old Cap Ratting. I was ready to use it like a cruiser and jumped in to a system where it was being cloaky camped. And they sure took the bait, and we had a bit of a brawl and ended the way it was always going to end. But it was fun. And the last time I would properly use it, as we are now at War. So it was worth it :slight_smile:


You got me there. I completely forgot about cap’s.

I guess I should have said subcap but whatever makes for a good story!

I can fly a few cap’s but never really got into null ratting so my losses will seem small.

Good stories are always appreciated though!

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Yes, everyone has a story, it would be great to see some small stories behind losses that you will always remember !

Well, this was on a different character, but there was this one time when I lost an interceptor (with faction gear and a snake set, though I didn’t lose the pod) to a Dominix that was about 50% faster than my ship…

Also, why is this in out-of-pod?

I wasn’t sure how well this would go over so I started here.

And while I’m no story teller, my story was at least a little better than that! :grinning:

I am looking for the story behind the kill. We all lose high value ships/cargo. That’s the boring part. I used to run an epithal worth 1.5 bil pi up the old pipe just to see if I could make it. No story there cept I made 4 outta 5 times.

I mean that’s pretty much the whole story. Nano Dominix showed up and killed like 30 people. This was back in the day when you could make a battleship do 15 km/s and warp scramblers didn’t turn off MWDs, though. If you put enough money into a ship, you were basically invincible.

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That’s still a better story than your 1st post!

And I doubt the ISD are going to miss another breakfast over moving this thd. But that’s a great forum story, not a great ship loss story. :wink:

Needlejacked into null and proceeded to go on a roam solely with the goal of completely filling my cargohold with relic loot before finding a wormhole back out. I was logging out in safes when I could, AFK cloaking when I couldn’t, and just roaming all over for an hour or so each day for about a week or so.

I had made it through about 10 gate camps, some with bubbles, multiple ships and drones flying all over trying to decloak me. Right before this happened I thought "I should take this back to hi-sec, but I still had about 30% of my cargo space left I think? I was trying to see if I could hit 1 billion. Anyway, jumped into a pocket and on the way back out ran into this guy. I think I just got complacent with the aligning, cloaking and warping. Basically just froze up and popped really quick. Should have had another cup of coffee.

Talked to him after, and he was pretty bummed with the loot drop. I had all the relic loot in a small container and it was popped. Not sure if when that is destroyed if everything inside is also. The Intact Armor Plates hurt the most.

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Interesting point! Gives everything a 50/50 chance of dropping.

Thanks for posting. It’s the spirit/story behind the loss I am looking for. You can lose a mega-bil supercap in a tdi fight but there’s no story behind it. Even new players have good stories about how they almost got away or just got lucky.

I knew this thd would be a flop, but I had to try. You get nowhere in EVE without trying.

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