The solo kill you are most proud of? Post it!

You are fighting against all odds, and you made it, I am curious to see about your most valued solo kill. Show off that kill-mail and inspire newbros as well as people like me, to come back to the game. Post some kill mails and comments about how you felt in that fight.


unable to do ever again

The killmail I’m most proud of is this one:

Yes, that is a killmail against me, where I lost my ship instead of killing someone else. Not something to normally be proud about, however this was my first attempt at intentionally picking a fight with another player. Up until then every time I’ve died in PvP I wasn’t looking for a fight (either ran into a camp or got ganked) but this time I joined FW, flew to a complex, and got blown into stardust without even getting past his shields. Still, I figure learning to be willing to “kamikaze” into battle where I am almost certainly outmatched is more important then winning a fight.

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when I self destructed my only noob ship full of character customizatimation certificates. There was a rumour they turned into plexes and pith a-type invulnerability fields.
They lied to me.

1 Like this guy stole a bunch of stuff from our corp, had to get some payback… related loss willingly sacrificed :slight_smile: had a nice long chat with him made him feel at ease and the second he was about to warp off… heheh

My favorite kills was the one I wasn’t even there for.

I’d gone afk so I docked this character up (this one was in a Pirate BS) but I left the other character out in a VNI, because it was just a VNI. The solo pvpr (nice guy, became friends with some in my corp later on) attacks while I’m afk.

I come back and I had a kill mail. Apparently the rats and my drones switched and he couldn’t get out. I was so awesome that day I didn’t even need to be at the keyboard to obtain victory!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The last of these kills is strictly speaking not solo, this fight started out as a 1 vs 3, but I was unable to break the Tengu’s tank and had to call in help.

So a bit over a year back I am in a wormhole happily hacking away at a relic site in my trusty magnate. I’d noticed some movement at a POS nearby, my magnate is combat fit with a relic analyser and can easily take down stealth bombers, and so I was hoping the locals might take a poke at me.

They did, a manticore decloaked near me and lobbed a bomb at me. I was orbiting the can with my AB on, so the bomb barely scratched me. I launched drones, headed towards the manticore and scrammed him. As I do so, I spot a flycatcher on d-scan.

I think “okay, I’m dead, but if I manage to kill this 30m manticore in my 5m magnate, I’m still isk positive.” and continue killing the manticore. Flycatcher lands just as the manticore is going down:

and was nice enough to launch a bubble so I could grab the pod too:

At this point, as far as I’m concerned, even if I blow up the fight is already won for me. So I start to work on the flycatcher. As I do so, a tengu lands in the flycatchers bubble and heads towards me. To my great surprise, the flycatcher dies without straining my tank too much:

and his bubble was still up, so I got the pod as well:

Now the tengu is stuck in the flycatcher’s bubble, so I think “what the hell… I’ve already killed 20 times the worth of my ship in this battle, let’s see how I fare against a T3 cruiser.” To my great surprise my tank is holding, each time I have to reload my ancillary charges my armor is damaged to about 90% which I can then repair when the new charges load. Unfortunately the tengu is passive tanked, and I notice that at about 40% shields his shield regen matches my dps. At this point I call out in corp chat,

Me: “Hey guys, I’ve got this tengu tackled but I can’t break its tank, can anyone come and help?”

My CEO: “What are you flying?”

Me: “A magnate, I’m holding”

My CEO: “Huh?!?”

At this point I have to explain to him how to take the 3 or 4 wormholes in order to reach me. Luckily I had placed all bookmarks in corp bookmarks. When he reached me I was nearly out of nanite paste for my ancillary amor rep, but the two of us made short work of the tengu:

By this time the flycatcher’s bubble had long despawned, so I didn’t get the pod :frowning:


Because Ibis is life. Ibis is all.

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Poor guy, must have been humiliating.

Still makes me lol time to time

My best fight was a 3v1 not in my favor, roaming Syndicate with my Thorax and came upon a small gang of a T1 Thorax, Kestrel, and Sabre, managed to kill the Thorax first and pick off the Kestrel, then the Sabre crashed the gate as I started to shoot him :stuck_out_tongue:

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