This is how pvp look like now :)

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This is how pvp look now

(The Black Mantis) #3

More lies!

This is how pvp looks now

(Rivr Luzade) #4


This is what PvP looks like these days:

(Soldier Forrester) #5

On average, I spend 6h a day roaming in nullsec to get one subcap fight a week started, every third fight is worth recording. I get hotdropped multiple times a day.
Finding players willing to undock subcapitals is really the issue…
There are not many players left willing to invest this much time for such little rewards.
What we need are more reasons to get players undocked and on the same grid with hostiles.

Cloaky camping so players stay docked to lower ADMs has become the main warfare.

One idea: ESS should be in every single system, on the sun instead of a green site.

(CowRocket Void) #6

You come into my house with a knife threatening my family and ill will use overwhelming force. Its the same thing in nul.

(Soldier Forrester) #7

Feel free to overwhelm us every day, but almost everyone just docks up and there is absolutely nothing we can do to get them undocked.

(Nana Skalski) #8

No, it looks like this:

(Eric Kalfren) #9

Alphas :smile:

(Daoden) #10

Killing someone breaking into my house isn’t fun. Blowing up spaceships online is, when they undock anyway.

(erg cz) #11

Get into FW low sec, no way Titan will ambush you in novice plex…

(Ezra Endashi) #12

Damn! These titans are a real threat for destroyers these days!

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(Complex Math) #13

Did I see that correctly, Eve Uni and Northern Coalition working together? I’m not sure if I read the killmail correctly.

(Sol epoch) #14

Oh! my you lot are so pampered! try single pvp for once!

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(LouHodo) #15

They live in Nullsec… they ONLY run in blobs, so they can go AFK and set a macro to press F1 every so often.

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I look pretty and people fall for it. :blush:

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I agree with this gentleman

(Sol epoch) #18

Only sad people fall for a glance!

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(Ranar Linyne) #19

We run blobs in null because when we run solo we get blobbed. I still hunt solo in null, but i will inevitably get camped into a pocket somewhere by like 30 dudes for killing a vni or covetor in an af.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #20

Too bad there isn’t a killboard for time wasted by those 30 people lol