PVE'ers are so smart!

Behold the genius of a PVE’er! And they actually want us to listen to them smirk

i killed this guy

this is the FW poison

dont like to point people /or bot
but look at that dam farmer

btw CCP removed the ability to join FW plexes with stabs
how about , must fit weapons … :frowning:
or we detected that you are in a empty farming ship the gate is closed …-1 standing

9. Use of kill reports & chatlogs to troll & flame is prohibited.

Pilots are permitted to post chatlogs and kill reports on the EVE Online forums if it adds to and is relevant to ongoing discussion, however this may not be done to flame, troll, insult, shame or bait other corporations other pilots.

Thanks for making me use one of the rarest rules to have to use.